Christine Hansen: Raising Prices from $800 to $7K Overnight (GPP64)

Christine Hansen is the founder of Sleep Like a Boss, a sleep consulting company that helps busy CEO’s, executives, and high achievers transform their sleep so they can take on their busy schedule like a boss. She is a Certified Sleep Science Coach, Nutrition Therapist, and Functional Nutrition Practitioner and the author of Sleep Like a Boss – The Guide To Sleep For Busy Bosses, which is a #1 bestselling book on Amazon. Christine is also an award-winning entrepreneur and has been featured in multiple international publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, and Readers Digest as well as on popular podcasts like Entrepreneur on Fire.

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This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • How Christine gets paid to help people sleep.
  • Details of the packages that sell for over $7k per person.
  • How she built her authority and credibility without using client testimonials.
  • How Christine went from earning $16k in revenue for the year to $35k this past January.
  • The eye-opening moment she realized her prices had no impact on whether clients said ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to her offers.
  • How Christine rebranded her website to attract high-end clients.
  • Why she doesn’t have a process to pre-qualify new clients.
  • The #1 tactic she’s using to sell $25k sleep retreats (It’s not a webinar).
  • The (accidental) price change that dramatically increased the sales conversion rate on one of her products.
  • Christine’s advice for overcoming mindset blocks and pitching topic ideas to media publications.

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