MemberVault’s Erin & Mike: Relationship Marketing, SaaS and Parenting on the Road (GPP55)


Erin and Mike Kelly are the husband-and-wife team that co-founded MemberVault, a fantastic tool that allows business owners to sell to their clients without feeling pushy or sleazy in their sales tactics. The couple created MemberVault to help business owners increase sales through tracking, gamification, and personalized engagement. Aside from offering an “everything in one place” solution for their clients’ market, MemberVault continues to amaze their clients with their forever free account where clients can access all of platform’s amazing features.

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This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • An inside look at the MemberVault business model.
  • The difference among MemberVault’s payment plans.
  • How they take advantage of the free plan to streamline their processes and check which training works.
  • What gamification is and how this strategy works in keeping users and the conversion of clients.
  • What “conversations” are on the platform and how to make them authentic and personalized for your audience.
  • Erin and Mike’s “before MemberVault” stories and how they came up with the decision to kickstart a relationship marketing business.
  • How engagement tracking came into play and why it’s one of the things that sets MemberVault apart from the other players out there.
  • How they avoided internet connection challenges while traveling frequently and working remotely.
  • How their onboarding system bridges the gap between the sign-up and the actual use of the system.
  • How Erin and Mike work with affiliates as a way to keep MemberVault lean and their overhead low.
  • Their average expenses to run the business and sustain their family.
  • How their setup of working together impacted their marriage as they take turns getting into deep work mode.

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