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Copywriting, in any sense of the word, is something that most business owners need to be good at. Whether you’re writing website copy, PR copy, or Facebook ad copy, copywriting is an integral part of every business. Our guest today is an award-winning writer who has massive experience and skills in writing copy for clients that add personality and flair while improving their conversion rate and driving sales. Jamie Jensen is the founder of Your Hot Copy, a spicy copywriting company with a team of writers specializing in developing full website copy. She gets down and dirty with me on the show, talking numbers, movies, Hollywood, and more!

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In This Episode You’ll Hear:

  • The three primary services that help Jamie get paid.
  • The “grassroots, backyard story” of how and when Your Hot Copy officially (and unofficially) started – Spoiler: Did you know some people write copy for fun?!).
  • What did Jamie do early in her business development to allow her to land more clients than she could handle and grow a 6-figure copywriting business in as little as two years?
  • How did Jamie scale her business from an independent copywriter to overseeing a writing team, and how did she explain that significant change to her clients?
  • Jamie talks dirty with me: Your Hot Copy Profit/Loss breakdown.
  • What are Jamie’s 2016 business financial goals and plans?
  • Did you know: Jamie wrote and co-directed a feature comedy movie!
  • Does Jamie plan to write and direct another movie in the future? If so, what would she do differently?

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