Laura Roeder: $200K a Month and Going After More (GPP 35)


Small businesses and solopreneurs know that social media and content marketing can significantly impact the growth and development of their company, allowing them to reach more potential clients and get paid. However, most entrepreneurs and small businesses don’t have the time to dedicate to creating and publishing new tweets and FB posts several times a day – or have the money to hire someone else to complete these tasks. Today, I talk with Laura Roeder, the owner of the social media management & scheduling tool, Edgar, and ask her some tough and personal questions about her business, how it works, how much she gets paid, and what Edgar offers to business owners that other SaaS programs don’t.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear:

  • What (or who) is Edgar?
  • How does Laura get paid?
  • What does “value” mean for Edgar and the company?
  • What Laura thinks about “knuckle-draggers.”
  • What sets Edgar apart from other social media marketing scheduling programs?
  • Laura’s advice on building personal and company brands and how using one – or both – can help your marketing efforts.
  • Self-help books and authors that have helped Laura through times of doubt and limited belief.
  • Laura’s pizza-ology on email marketing & list building.
  • What keeps Laura motivated to keep Edgar growing even though the company has reached the $200,000 monthly recurring revenue benchmark?
  • Where does Edgar get most of their new customers?
  • What type of ads work the best for Edgar?

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