The “Formula” Myth of a 6-Figure Business (GPP23)

The Get Paid Podcast

Welcome to Season 2 of the Get Paid Podcast! For the next 11 episodes, I’ll be joined by my lovely co-host, Val Geisler, so we can dive deeper into some of the topics that my guests and I touched on in Season 1.

In this episode, Val and I discuss the myth (or is it a myth?) of the 6-figure business, and what it actually takes to get to that milestone.

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In This Episode You’ll Hear:

  • The importance of knowing your target audience.
  • Why understanding the basics of owning an online business is important to your success.
  • How being an entrepreneur can help you find and hone your innate talent and how fear can affect the success of your business.
  • Why having a solid business foundation is essential to creating successful Facebook ad campaigns.
  • Lessons we have learned from other successful entrepreneurs that have helped our own businesses.
  • What strategies we have used and found success from in the early years of our businesses.
  • Why becoming an expert in a specific niche is more lucrative and sustainable than diversifying your business.
  • How “serving yourself” can help you better serve your clients.
  • Why sharing your expert tips with others, for free, can lead to better conversion rates.
  • Why it’s important to let your personality shine through the online content you create.

Mentioned In This Episode:

The TL;DR of the show:

  • Start small to go big: set a goal, work toward that goal, then add onto it and work toward that goal.
  • Help people solve real problems.
  • There’s no “formula” or “recipe” for an amazingly successful business.
  • Do the work.
  • Ask strategic questions.

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Thanks for listening! Time to go get yourself paid. :)