Goli Kalkhoran: From Photo Booth Inventor to Multiple 6-Figure Life Coach (GPP226)

Goli Kalkhoran is Master Life Coach, and former attorney, who helps unfulfilled professionals

create a life they actually like. She is the host of the Lessons from a Quitter podcast where

she uses her platform to de-stigmatize quitting and provide resources and inspiration to

individuals looking to pivot in their established careers. She challenges people to exceed their

own expectations and guides them through the initial steps of starting over in order to build a

more intentional, fulfilling life.

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • Tied to a safe career identity
  • Defining your role and mindset reengineering 
  • Stuffing your face, crying, and sleeping
  • You don’t know what you don’t know
  • Stepping out and figuring it outpersistency
  • Is there ever a drama-free mindset in entrepreneurship?
  • Moving from $10k to $100k in a year
  • Enrolling 75 people in a single launchthis blows my mind
  • Thought error about ads
  • Afraid of outside moving parts?

Connect with Goli Kalkhoran:

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