Molly Patrick: 1 Million Per Year with a $25 Membership (GPP213)

Molly Patrick is the CEO & co-founder of Clean Food Dirty Girl, an online company she founded with her wife Luanne Teoh. They’re dedicated to helping people eat more plants while celebrating human imperfection. Through a candid and inclusive approach, they have built a thriving business and global community.

Molly grew up in New Mexico on 5 acres of land. While her parents handbuilt their home out of mud, straw, and rocks, they lived in a teepee. They made do without electricity, plumbing, or hot water.

Molly’s rugged and unconventional upbringing made her innovative, appreciative, determined, and always humble. She has never eaten meat in her life and has been sober since June 14th, 2015. Molly lives in Hawaii with her wife and has a kick-ass virtual team.

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • How Molly and her wife built a $1m p/yr business with a $25 offer
  • Scaling that membership based business with hardly any marketing
  • The value in audience building BEFORE you ask for $$
  • Avoiding burnout by prioritizing creating content you love
  • The gift in getting fired
  • How their online business thrives on mainly organic traffic and word of mouth
  • Overcoming personal challenges and how it helped the business boom
  • Putting out offers that flop and persisting
  • What happened when they let go of pushing a $2k program in favor of a $25 p/mo membership
  • Growing a business with your spouse
  • How they figured out what their audience really wanted 

Connect with Molly Patrick:

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