Christine McCutcheon: Behind the Scene of a Profitable Ad Funnel (GPP212)

Christine is a Certified Children’s Sleep Consultant, course creator and mom to 3 daughters who all look forward to sleeping through the night. That didn’t happen by accident. In response to the sporadic sleep habits of her family, Christine took action and studied and tried whatever was available to get her then 4 month old to go to sleep peacefully. And, it worked! For a living, she now works with families of children aged 0-6 to teach them the tools and techniques to do the same with their little ones. Her kind but B.S. free approach has cemented her the reputation as the coach every sleep-deprived family needs. Today we talk about Christine’s unique business model and what advertising efforts she puts in to bring in new parent clients throughout the year. 

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • What sleep training is all about
  • The value of working with a sleep coach
  • Systems and support that works in Christine’s business
  • What prompted Christine to get into the sleep coaching industry
  • How she’s consistently gotten leads and grown her business
  • When and why Christine started exploring ads
  • Daily ROI she makes from ads
  • Slow seasons for sleep consultants
  • How Christine has refreshed her ads over the years
  • Converting hate comments on socials to work in your favour
  • Impact of tweaks on ads and online courses

Connect with Christine McCutcheon:

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