Nell McShane Wulfhart: 2 Book Deals in One Year (GPP204)

Nell McShane Wulfhart is a journalist from Philadelphia, currently based in Uruguay. As a former New York Times columnist and frequent contributor, Nell has carved out a career as a travel writer, author, and Decision Coach. She authored The Great Stewardess Rebellion: How Women Launched a Workplace Revolution at 30,000 Feet and the Audible Original, OFF MENU: THE SECRET SCIENCE OF FOOD AND DINING. She takes us on the journey of how she got paid to travel and write. On top of all that, she built a side coaching business helping people make big decisions on just about anything. She says “your therapist won’t tell you what to do, but I will.” 

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • The one invaluable lesson about getting paid Nell learned as a freelancer
  • How Nell sold 2 book projects in a year and why risking a few months of unpaid work paid off
  • The 2 things that need to be in place to get your creative projects commissioned
  • Is there any real correlation between writing for the New York Times, travel writing, and book writing?
  • What goes into getting an audiobook version of your writing
  • How Nell finds an idea and then peaks the interest of publishers
  • The one thing Nell has done for 450 days straight, even when she has no desire to do it

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