Kaneisha Grayson: Hitting 7 Figures and Reducing Your Revenue Goal (GPP201)

Kaneisha Grayson is the founder of The Art of Applying®, the world’s largest Black-owned graduate admissions consulting firm and the world’s largest woman-of-color-owned graduate admissions consulting firm. The Art of Applying® has directly helped 1000+ nontraditional applicants get into the world’s top business, public policy, and law programs with over $20 million in merit scholarships to pay for it. Kaneisha is a graduate of Harvard Business School and Harvard Kennedy School. She is also the author of Be Your Own Boyfriend, an avid slow traveler, and the host of Scale Your Joy, the only podcast that teaches high achievers with fancy degrees how to craft a business and life they love. She lives in Austin, Texas with her rescue pup Lady Zadie.

“I dropped out of school before I went to Harvard.” – Kaneisha Grayson


This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • The thrill of receiving royalty checks.
  • Going from giving dating advice to helping people prep grad school applications.
  • What can you do if you get grant money and can’t finish the project you got money to do?
  • Is bold pricing from the start worth it in the long run? 
  • Using anonymous forums to bring in clients.
  • What does Kaneisha have to do with the beginning of BSchool?
  • The compare and despair feeling of watching the people around you succeed quickly while your success takes longer to show up.
  • The steps Kaneisha took to get her business from $80K per year to the million dollar + mark. 
  • The important skill Kaneisha’s business education totally lacked, even as a Harvard grad.
  • Where Kaneisha focuses her ad spend these days and where her clients come from.
  • Having a million dollar business year during the worst year of your life.
  • Quick-calculating what Kaneisha needs to do to have a $600K year, including looking at the cost of hiring support people. You also get a look at the structure of Kaneisha’s staff.
  • Is it possible to get part-time/freelance employees invested in the success of a solopreneur’s company?

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