200 Episodes On the Books! BTS of Podcasting (GPP200)

🎉 It’s our 200th Podcast Episode! 🎉

This week, I’m sharing a very honest and open behind-the-scenes view of what it takes to put together a podcast, specifically how we choose guests, the workflow for releasing episodes, and what I’ve learned along the way.

Get out your champagne 🥂 and celebrate with me. 

And really, thank you so much for being here as a listener. I truly appreciate everyone who tunes in to the Get Paid Podcast.


This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • How I choose guests. Believe me, I do NOT want to have the same story on repeat—even if it’s good—over and over again.
  • Which guest pitches I love and which ones I totally fucking ignore.
  • From full-on ranting in my solo episodes to a more scripted approach. What do my listeners like most? 
  • Is consistency really key?
  • The process I use that helps us keep things organized
  • Where you should place ads in your podcast episodes.
  • Do Instagram posts for episodes really move the needle on downloads?
  • If your friends stop listening, does it mean they don’t love you anymore?
  • Is the unpaid time you put into your podcast actually worth it?
  • Podcast audience or email list –  which is more important to me?
  • From my life: Buying a house and going on vacation with kids. The good, the bad, and the totally messy/ugly.

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The strollers we LOVED on our family vacation:

The mastermind I mentioned:

Stacy Boehman

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