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Becca Tracey on The Get Paid Podcast

Becca Tracey of The Uncaged Life makes business look ridiculously effortless. (I’m serious – it’s ALMOST annoying.) That’s what happens when you find your perfect target market coupled with a system that helps those same people get results.

But what kind of list size do you need to run a group coaching program 4-5 times a year? How do you price it? And how do you get referrals without an affiliate program?

In this episode you’ll hear:

— How much Becca’s business made in 2014, and the breakdown of her various revenue sources.

— How she gets people who are struggling to even decide what their business should be to invest $1,000 in her program.

— The details of that group program: how long it lasts, what people get, and why it’s more like one-on-one coaching than anything else.

— Her strict (or stingy?) refund policy for her products and services. You be the judge!

— Why she doesn’t offer an affiliate program for Uncage Your Business.

— What Becca feels like she’s straight-up bad at.

— Where she spends money in her business.

— How running an insanely active Facebook group has affected her bottom line (and her productivity).

— How she actually learned the stuff she teaches her clients.

— Why Becca just might be the unicorn of online business.

Also mentioned in this episode:

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Hey Nice Package, Becca’s DIY course on putting together packages for your business (and the reason I finally started landing some clients).

The Uncaged Life Facebook Community

Parrish Wilson on why she shut down her Facebook group and risked online marketing death.

Absolute FB Ads (goin’ up in price on July 4!)

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