Claire Bares All With a Review of her Profit & Loss Sheet (GPP196)

We’re changing it up with this episode! 

Claire’s friend and previous guest, Braden Drake, had her on his podcast at the end of 2021. The conversation all about Claire’s Profit & Loss sheet was so interesting and transparent that we decided to air it here on the Get Paid Podcast!

“I had conversations with podcast guests who I hated because of how successful they got so quickly.” – Claire Pelletreau

This Week on the Unf*ck Your Biz Podcast:

  • This time, Claire is the guest!
  • Should you keep bloopers in your paid course programs?
  • Why Claire misses the good ole’ days of Facebook ads.
  • What makes the green-eyed monster of entrepreneur jealousy hit both Claire AND Braden.
  • Claire’s profits and losses year-by-year; where that money came from and where it went.
  • What pushed Claire to take a month off to rethink her business.
  • Watching big online entrepreneurs crumbling under the pressure.
  • The people who have the most success in The Leads Lab have this in common.
  • What contributes to Claire’s success—and it’s not consistent social posts or dancing on TikTok.
  • Braden’s recent messaging epiphany and why messaging is important.
  • The paradox of teaching FB ads and running FB ads for business in this environment. 
  • How Claire’s drinking the Kool-Aid with high-ticket offers.
  • Is making more money without working more using a one-to-many framework the right choice for your business?

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