Tarzan Kay: When Emails and Divorce Hit Your Bank Account (GPP195)

Tarzan Kay is a former copywriter-for-hire who specializes in emails that are fun to read, and more addictive than Netflix. 

Her online courses teach how to write story-based copy and make consistent sales from a small email list, without using fear or FOMO.  Her company’s mission is to make high-integrity marketing the new status quo for online business.

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“There’s a critical flaw in the way that list building is taught. People don’t know what to do next.”

                                                                    – Tarzan Kay

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • Is a long luscious launch actually a good thing or a bad thing?
  • What the future of email marketing looks like.
  • Can personal development groups be cultish?
  • What people are longing for in the market these days.
  • Ideas about making big groups feel more intimate and relevant.
  • Ethics and persuasion – does this need to be more regulated? Should ethics be a selling point?
  • The “poor tax” and how it fits in with the realities of business.
  • The dangers of being an affiliate. (Who would have thought leader boards could be so cut throat?)
  • Getting OK with the idea that everyone in the world will not like you. And What in the heck is a thruple.
  • The financial impact of getting a divorce.
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