Tony Rulli: Referrals, Competitor Friends & The Online Ad Business (GPP53)

  Tony Rulli is the Founder and Head of Advertising at Intentional Spark, an online advertising company dedicated to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses through digital marketing. Tony is the lead strategist for all paid marketing campaigns, including Facebook ads, Adwords, and retargeting campaigns. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Management as well as Entrepreneurship and Marketing from Babson College.

“Didn’t You Used to Have a Podcast?” (GPP51)

  Welcome back to Season 4 of the Get Paid Podcast! After taking a long maternity leave and hiatus from the show to evaluate what worked, what didn’t work, and what changes I needed to make to improve the show – I am excited to finally be back behind the mic.

How to Overcome the Hardest Part of Hiring a Facebook Ad Consultant

If you’re dying to find someone great who can take the whole Facebook ad thing off of your plate, then there’s only ONE true challenge that you need to overcome. (FYI: I COMPLETELY believe in your ability to bust through this obstacle and hire the perfect person!) Watch this short video (or read the the transcript below) to discover the biggest challenge to hiring a fantastic Facebook ad consultant, and…

How Much It Can Cost To Hire Out Your Facebook Ads

IT’S TIME TO TALK MONEY, MY FRIENDS! ???????????? Want to hire someone to run your Facebook ads? I don’t want you to get caught off guard when you’re talking to a perspective ad consultant and they give you their price. (That’s a great way to end up spending more than you can afford!) In today’s video (and in the transcript below it), I’m sharing: the range of what it could…

3 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Hire A Facebook Ad Consultant

Recently I’ve had an epiphany of sorts: Not everyone should be running their own Facebook ads. “Wait WHAT???” you may be shouting at this email right now. I know, I know – I’m always talking about how you should learn to run your own ads. But if I’m being COMPLETELY honest with you (and myself), learning all about the ins and outs of complex FB ad stuff is not the…