5 Months After Relaunching the Podcast: An Update (GPP72)

And that’s a wrap! In the final episode of the season, we’re talking about some of the highlights of Season 4 (looking at you Brooke Castillo), how I restructured my Ad Consultant Incubator and what that meant for the launch, expanding my team, and what you can expect in the next season of the Get Paid Podcast.

Steph Crowder: $163K After One Year In Business (GPP62)

   Steph Crowder is the former Director of Customer Success at Fizzle and a business strategist that helps entrepreneurs balance “the head and heart of entrepreneurship.” Through her group coaching and signature program, Crickets to Customers, she equips business owners on how to develop an engaged community. Steph is the host of the Courage & Clarity podcast, where she explores what it truly takes to be a successful entrepreneur…

“Didn’t You Used to Have a Podcast?” (GPP51)

  Welcome back to Season 4 of the Get Paid Podcast! After taking a long maternity leave and hiatus from the show to evaluate what worked, what didn’t work, and what changes I needed to make to improve the show – I am excited to finally be back behind the mic.

Jessie Artigue

Lifestyle Blogger Jessie Artigue: Surviving the “Crash” of an Industry (GPP22)

I’ve always wondered how “lifestyle” bloggers made their living. Don’t brands just give away free stuff in exchange for reviews? Jessie Artigue of Style and Pepper says those days are long over, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t build fruitful relationships with brands who want to work with bloggers to get the word out about their products. In this episode, Jessie explains her business model of underwritten content, why…

Being Boss Podcasters Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson (GPP17)

If you haven’t heard of the Being Boss podcast then you’ve been living under a rock. This show has exploded over the last 9 months, and rightly so: it’s a refreshing change from the usual business podcasts. My guests today are the hosts of Being Boss, Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson. Both Kathleen and Emily run their own separate businesses, but an online friendship turned into a collaboration and then…