What does the outcome of a profitable webinar ads system actually look like?

Today I’m taking you behind the scenes of one of my clients’ webinars, and the first major campaign we launched for her. Jasmine Star is a social media expert and business strategist. She’s widely known for her courses INSTA180 and Path to Profitability, and has been using Facebook ads to grow her list and make sales since 2016.

Quick note: When I say “we” I’m referring to myself and my Facebook ads partner-in-crime, Tony Rulli. Tony runs the Facebook ad-focused agency Intentional Spark, and I send clients his way, as well as handle implementation for a select few.

Jasmine is one of the handful of clients whose campaigns have helped me develop my complete system for webinars. I’m excited to share this case study with you, especially if you sell lower-priced offerings and are wondering if webinars are a way to do so profitably!

The Product

Membership to the brand new Social Curator. Social Curator is a digital monthly subscription that sends you curated photos, customizable captions and an action plan to help you organize your social media schedule, increase engagement with your community, and turn followers into customers and clients.

The Price

At launch, Social Curator had two payment options: $25 per month or $250 per year.

The Webinar Topic

How to Plan, Create and Execute a Month of Social Media Posts In One Day

Why This Webinar Topic is GOLD, In My Opinion

“What do I post on social media???” is a question that almost EVERY entrepreneur has asked themselves at one point or another. It’s a universal problem: everyone, even the most creative souls out there, runs out of great ideas eventually.

Jasmine’s webinar topic actually addresses two different problems experienced by two different kinds of entrepreneurs:

A lot of people are thinking, “I have no idea what kind of content will help me get engagement on [insert social network here].”
While others might be struggling with this: “The time required to come up with great things to post is killing my productivity. I get results when I put in the time and the effort, but I have too many other things to do every day!”

It isn’t a groundbreaking topic – there are endless pages of results when you Google “how to come up with social media posts.” But this webinar promises to give you ideas AND a system for saving time, all in one webinar. No more Googling or blog-post-scouring necessary.

Dividing Up Jasmine’s Ad Spend

Budget Allocated to Warm Audience Targeting: 53% of Total Budget
Budget Allocated to Cold Audience Targeting: 47% of Total Budget

Jasmine has a big list and a very active Facebook page, so a big budget went towards getting her existing community on this webinar. Since it was a brand new product and we had no idea what the sales conversion rates would be, she didn’t want to spend her entire budget targeting only cold audiences.

Our Best Performing Ad Creative

Honestly, I was surprised to learn that Jasmine’s video ads actually outperformed the static image ads for many of the audiences we tested. Below are her three best performing ads. They did extremely well when served to both warm and cold audiences!

The Return On Investment

  • ROI From Warm Audience Spend: 552X ROI*
  • Revenue Generated from Cold Audiences: 447X*

*Membership sites generate recurring revenue. That means the sales that happened from this particular webinar are going to continue to generate revenue for Jasmine over time. These numbers only reflect the ROI that came in in July 2017.

Want to get ALL the numbers, like the total ad spend, sales numbers and ROI? Watch my video interview with Jasmine below!

Systemizing the Webinar to Sell Social Curator

After seeing how well this webinar performed and how great the Facebook ads did (sign-ups were CHEAP, my friend), Jasmine decided to double-down and run the exact same webinar again in August and September. Since Social Curator delivers brand new content every month, it makes sense to focus on constantly enrolling new members.

In those two months alone, Jasmine has continued to add new subscribers to Social Curator…using the same insanely profitable webinar ads.

We were able to literally duplicate the ads into a new campaign and switch them on. Jasmine’s team changed the webinar dates and times on the sign-up page and in the emails, but otherwise promoting the next webinar was truly a piece of cake.

Have you found YOUR perfect webinar topic yet?

This wasn’t Jasmine’s first webinar that magically turned into a paid-subscriber machine. She talks about exactly how she came up with the topic in our short-n-sweet interview above. I guarantee hearing about the A-HA moment she had will make you take another look at the topics for all kinds of different content you creator!