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Press the Easy Button (GPP268)

What’s the difference between men and women when it comes to entrepreneurship? That’s a question I tackle today, and the answer has nothing to do with biology. For every online business, there’s what I like to call the “easy button” approach to bringing in regular new leads.  But, in a study I’ll talk about today, more men than women are likely to take this route.  Yes, I’m talking about  ads.…

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Steph Crowder: Group Programs or Courses to Scale? (GPP267)

Today is another deep dive with my business bestie, Steph Crowder. Steph and I decided to take our daily Voxer conversations to the podcast. We’re tackling the ever-present dilemma for entrepreneurs: whether or not to focus on selling courses or group programs. Spoiler alert: it’s not just about the money. But the earning potential of making the right choice for you is a huge bonus. 

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You Won’t Believe How Much Kirsten Roldan Paid Herself Last Year (GPP266)

Kirsten Roldan, a former healthcare professional, pivoted to the online business world in 2019, rapidly transforming side hustles into a booming $350K first-year revenue. By 2023, her business was bringing in $1M.  Learn how Kirsten refined her business strategy and long list of offers to hit those coveted milestones. All while crafting a business model that also protects her peace.

claire pelletreau on get paid podcast

Everything You Need to Launch a Low Key Evergreen Ad (GPP265)

Today, I’m aiming to demystify evergreen ads and tell you what you need to know to set up a simple ad that consistently brings in new leads to your business. If you’ve got an online product, program or service to offer and want a fresh way to get in front of new leads, then you’re getting some step-by-step ad tips today.  

2023 Year in Review (GPP264)

2023 Year in Review (GPP264)

I’m kicking off the podcast in 2024 with a candid review of my last year in business. Expect a mix of successes and setbacks, as I share insights from both. I’ll tell you what went even better than I expected, including my revenue and profit. And, I’ll give you an honest look at where I really struggled and what it took to get out of my own way.  It’s a…