Facebook Ads Case Study: Jasmine Star’s WILDLY Successful Webinar Ads

What does the outcome of a profitable webinar ads system actually look like? Today I’m taking you behind the scenes of one of my clients’ webinars, and the ads that we ran for her. Jasmine Star is a social media expert and business strategist. She’s widely known for her courses Insta180 and Path to Profitability, and has been using Facebook ads to grow her list and make sales since 2016.

14 Ways to Fix Your “Leaky” Webinar Ads and Save Money on Sign-Ups

Man, oh man. Few words strike fear into the heart of this entrepreneur like the word “webinar.” Every single time I launch a product, I’m like, “please no, I’ll do anything, ANYTHING but host a webinar. I’ll send an email every 30 minutes! I’ll spend THOUSANDS of dollars on Facebook ads! Just don’t make me go down the webinar path.” Webinars are a challenge for a lot of people.