Maggie Patterson: A Business Breakup (GPP75)

Maggie started her first business at the age of seven and has been setting up small businesses ever since. A communications strategist with more than 20 years of experience, Maggie has made a career of working in and running small businesses. While she’s worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, she’s always rooted for the scrappy underdog. Maggie owns Small Business Boss and Scoop Studios, where she helps small…

Racheal Cook: Where Are They Now (GPP74)

Racheal Cook is an award-winning business strategist who believes entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be so complicated. Over the last decade, she’s helped thousands of women entrepreneurs design predictably profitable businesses without the hustle and burnout. And this week, she’s back on the Get Paid Podcast to talk to listeners about life-proofing her business, comparisonitis, and replacing webinars with ecosystems.

Tara McMullin: Where Are They Now (GPP73)

Tara McMullin (formerly Gentile) is back for our very first Where Are They Now episode. Tara’s the founder & host of What Works. She’s been connecting small business owners through mastermind groups and online community for over a decade. Whether on the podcast or in the online network, her goal is to facilitate the free flow of ideas, information, and inspiration between entrepreneurs. She believes that no one person has…

5 Months After Relaunching the Podcast: An Update (GPP72)

And that’s a wrap! In the final episode of the season, we’re talking about some of the highlights of Season 4 (looking at you Brooke Castillo), how I restructured my Ad Consultant Incubator and what that meant for the launch, expanding my team, and what you can expect in the next season of the Get Paid Podcast.

Iczel Katz: Learning From The Best (and a Challenge For Claire) (GPP71)

Iczel Katz is a launch strategist and business coach who uses her expertise with Facebook ads, the ASK Method®, and online launches to successfully grow her clients’ businesses. She leverages her diverse background and ability to clarify complex problems to help mission-driven business owners simplify, and create effective business processes. In this week’s episode of the Get Paid Podcast, Iczel chats about the lessons trying to sell 48,000 pounds of…