“Didn’t You Used to Have a Podcast?” (GPP51)

  Welcome back to Season 4 of the Get Paid Podcast! After taking a long maternity leave and hiatus from the show to evaluate what worked, what didn’t work, and what changes I needed to make to improve the show – I am excited to finally be back behind the mic.

14 Facebook Ad Metrics that Actually Matter (and 4 You Should Just Ignore)

When people finally get their ads up and running, and then actually have some Facebook ad metrics to look at, it’s exciting! So it’s not uncommon to see posts in the Absolute FB Ads Support Group that say something like, “I ran my ads and reached a gazillion people and got 300,000 video views for $0.02 each! That’s good, right???” Sometimes, though, I have to be the bearer of bad news.…

Facebook Ads Not Working? This Is the One Tweak to Try First

Even with the best Facebook ad training money can buy, you’re going to have some ads that flop. It happens to everyone, even me! There could be a few different factors at play when your ads don’t perform very well, and it’s important that you learn to read your results in order to figure out what the “problem” really is. 

Instagram Ads: 6 Things You Need to Know to Run Your First Campaign

Marketers around the world are cheering – Instagram ads are available for all of us! Have you played around with them yet? If not, I want to lay out the absolute basics you need to know just to get started. I have to hand it to Facebook – they’ve integrated Instagram ads really well into their advertising interface. If you’re comfortable setting up a regular Facebook ad, then this will…