Facebook Ads Not Working? This Is the One Tweak to Try First

Even with the best Facebook ad training money can buy, you’re going to have some ads that flop. It happens to everyone, even me! There could be a few different factors at play when your ads don’t perform very well, and it’s important that you learn to read your results in order to figure out what the “problem” really is. 

Facebook Retargeting Ads: How I Make $1.60 For Every $1.00 I Spend

If there’s one type of Facebook ad that you should have running at all times, it’s Facebook retargeting ads. 99% of the time, it’s the cheapest way to put paid list building on autopilot. Quick Recap In Case You’re Like “WTF Is She Talking About???” Facebook retargeting ads are the ones that target people who have already engaged with your business or brand at some point. That means people who…

Facebook Ads Case Study: Jasmine Star’s WILDLY Successful Webinar Ads

What does the outcome of a profitable webinar ads system actually look like? Today I’m taking you behind the scenes of one of my clients’ webinars, and the ads that we ran for her. Jasmine Star is a social media expert and business strategist. She’s widely known for her courses Insta180 and Path to Profitability, and has been using Facebook ads to grow her list and make sales since 2016.

Lookalike Facebook ad audience

Facebook Ad Targeting Throwdown: Interests vs. Lookalike Audiences

Facebook ad targeting is hard. Sometimes it can feel like the one thing that’s keeping you from running campaigns that convert. (And you may very well be right about that.) The good news is that this post could actually simplify the entire target audience question so that you can get on with writing your ad copy and finding great images to use. The next time you run ads, I want you to try out…

Facebook Ad Case Study: the Surprising Lesson from a Boosted Post

In an attempt to work with more students without having to leave her house to do it, Deany Judd took a traditional tutoring business online. She was able to work with far more students, make more money, and manage a flexible schedule that allowed her to spend time with her growing family. Eventually Deany’s online tutoring business exploded so much that she brought on more tutors and leveraged technology in order to…