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Get paid to build your list with


Once upon a time, Facebook ads could make you rich. 

The ad took people from Facebook to a webinar to a sales page, and those people opened their wallet to buy from you. 

You could spend $100 a day and make $400. You needed some extra skill to consistently scale results like those, but you didn’t need to be a magician. It was possible. 

It was the Golden Age of Facebook ads. It’s hard to say exactly when it ended. What matters is that it’s OVER. 

Sounds bleak, right? But stick with me, 'cause there IS light at the end of this advertising tunnel.

Costs to get your ads delivered are up. It’s because everyone and their mother is running ads now, so you have to shell out more money to get your spot in the news feed. 

Fortunately people are still clicking on ads, but their behavior after the click has changed, especially in the B2B space. People who join your list from an ad are much less likely to convert quickly to customers or clients. Unless you’re the hottest copywriter on the scene, you’ll need to seriously nurture those leads in order to gain their trust.

Translation? Dropping $20,000 to quickly grow your list right before a launch is VERY RISKY. 

For the past year or so, I’ve been advising all of my clients and students to focus seriously on list building ads between launches. That comes with its own risks as well - what if someone joins your list from an ad and then forgets about you by the time you ask for the sale again? That could be thousands of dollars down the drain! 

But that's not going to happen to YOU. Because I can show you how to get paid to run your ads. 

Reduce your ad costs...

Break even completely...

Or even turn a profit...

Just by making a simple but strategic offer to the leads your ads are bringing in.

"Yes! That's exactly what I want, Claire! But . . . how?"

You’re ready to implement a product, a funnel, then ads that get you paid, but you’ve got a lot of questions...

💭 “What kind of offer should I create to get quick sales?”

💭 “What exactly should I promote in my ads?”

💭 “I’ve tried ads before but have never gotten those leads to buy. What am I missing?"

💭 “This seems really hard, and everyone suggests something different.”

I know, there can be a lot of questions and confusion if you’ve never built this kind of funnel before. If you don’t have a plan to follow, it can be easy to make some critical mistakes, promote the wrong thing, and end up with a list of people who don’t ever buy from you. Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to know the right move at each step!

That’s why I created this step-by-step training and coaching program, The Lead Lab.


Get paid to build your list

The Lead Lab is a 9-month high-touch program that gives you everything you need to set up beautifully simple funnel so that you get paid to grow your list with Facebook and Instagram ads!

Ads are paying for themselves!

Molly Patrick and Luanne Teoh are a married team and founders of Clean Food Dirty Girl. They came to The Lead Lab with a popular plant-based meal planning subscription that they grew through mostly organic content. They had done a few Facebook Ads, but were not super impressed with the results and relied mostly on their organic traffic and very happy customers who gave them rave reviews! 

They came ready to take their business to a whole new level and to really expand their reach, impact, and subscription numbers.

Here are their results!

Going through The Lead Lab framework, they set up their ads and funnel, spent $760 in 9 days and made $1,250 back in just those 9 days. They turned a $489.72 profit on those ads in just over a week. Their ads are paying for themselves, they have new very warm leads AND paying customers.

They also saw a profit with the potential for exponential growth as their offer is a monthly membership. Their Painkiller Product we teach you to create in The Lead Lab paid for $405 of the ad cost alone. 

Here's how it works:




We analyze your signature offer together and design an irresistible low-price product that complements it. This is what will move people from just-signed-up-from-an-ad status to ready-to-go-ALL-in territory!

The launch of your low-price product is the easiest thing you've ever done, and now you've got a nice chunk of change to put towards ad testing. You put your new product on evergreen and the sales keep coming in.

Time for ads! You say "later" to manual marketing and let your list grow in the background. The ads drive new subscribers who buy your low-price product - you're getting paid to build your list!

Does this feel like a snapshot from your day-to-day?

  • List building is SUPER manual. Make another video. Write another post. Pitch and then record another podcast episode. Post a million times on social media . . . and get barely any traction. (Let’s be honest, shall we?)
  • When you do run ads, you hope and pray that eventually you’ll make back your investment. But in the end, you never really know…
  • You’re focusing on all the wrong metrics when making decisions about your ads. In fact, everything about running your own ads feels like a guessing game. 
  • Or maybe you’re paying someone $1500+ per month but can’t really tell if they’re doing a good job or not. Hiring an ad consultant is SO expensive and feels like you’re in the Wild Wild West - are you about to get screwed big time?

But when you land on the perfect campaign that pays for itself . . .

  • Instead of crossing your fingers that your next Instagram post will somehow bring in 100 new subscribers, you can spend your time creating content that moves people closer to buying from you. (Because content that grows your audience is often very different from content that nurtures your leads.)
  • Tons of the money you’re investing in ads is coming right back to you, making each new subscriber a lot cheaper. Instead of paying $3 per lead, you’re paying something like $1.80, which means $1000 in ad spend grows your list even further! 
  • You no longer worry about making the right or wrong decisions with your ads. You’re crystal clear on the right metrics to focus on, and are excited to test another great strategy that actually has a chance to improve your results.
  • Instead of paying an ad consultant thousands of dollars a month to run your ads, one of your team members is handling your campaigns perfectly. They were able to learn to create and optimize your campaigns right along with you inside the Lead Lab. You aren’t just another client to a very busy (and expensive) ad consultant!  

What's inside The Lead Lab?

The Lead Lab includes our most popular (and business-changing) training programs, brand new courses, plus unparalleled support and personalized feedback!

Your Painkiller Product

The funnel you'll be creating revolves around a  simple low price offer - like a mini-course or templates - that quickly solves a real "headache" for your prospects!You'll learn how to choose which problem to solve, how to price it, and the easiest launch strategy on the planet to get a quick cash injection AND validate your idea!

“In 2020, my 'painkiller' product brought in $36,295 in revenue without a single upsell. $22K came from completely organic traffic, and the other $14,000 was a result of the simplest ad campaign you've ever seen.

The best part? Now I'm making $135 for every $100 I spend with almost no time spent tweaking the ads. I used to think I'd always have to spend a lot of time creating content to keep growing my list, but not anymore. From now on, this is my go-to strategy for growing my audience!"

- Steph Crowder

Workshop Magic

The fastest way to create and sell your Painkiller Product is to host a live paid workshop! Workshop Magic gives you everything you need to validate your workshop idea, quickly sell tickets, host it live, and upsell attendees to your higher level offers. It’s the easiest money you’ll ever make . . . until you go evergreen. 

“Hi Claire, I wanted to give you an update on my workshop results. I ended up selling 332 spots to my $99 workshop. Resulting in over 32k in sales and cash through the door. (Not even counting the few upsells that came after the fact too.) Thanks again Claire! Workshop Magic is AMAZING!” 

- Lattice Hudson

The One Day Funnel

Whenever someone joins your list, you’re going to make them an offer that’ll be impossible to refuse! With the help of The One Day Funnel, you’ll put your Painkiller Product on evergreen. We’ll show you the funnel setup, the positioning that gets leads to buy, and how to transform that quick purchase into a bigger investment in you and your business. 

“29 days in and just pass $4K from my masterclass. Wish I did this thousands of subscribers ago!" 

- Scarlett Cochran

Absolute FB Ads

Once your Painkiller Product is on evergreen, now it’s time to launch your list building ads! You’ll use the step-by-step system inside Absolute FB Ads to put together a very simple ad (without tearing your hair out). Once the sales start to come through, you’ll adjust your campaigns, launch more tests, and optimize your funnel.

"I’ve been trying to figure out Facebook ads for a while. I used to try to outsource it but I never got very good results. Other classes that I've taken have felt kind of like being in physics class in college again. I decided to try again with Absolute FB Ads, and I am amazed." - Maritza Parra

Maritza's results from 6 weeks of running ads:

New Subscribers: 2,318

On Demand Product Sales: $2,634

1 new client for $6K

Ad spend: $1,297.45

Revenue Direct From Ads: $8,634

But you won’t do ANY of it alone! The Lead Lab includes support, coaching, and advanced training you won't get ANYWHERE else! 

You can count on:

Personalized Feedback

Before you hit publish on your sales page, optin page, or your ads, submit them for feedback from our coaching team! They’ll review your work, make suggestions, and help you optimize everything for better conversion rates. (This is worth the value of the program alone!)

Bi-Weekly Office Hours

Got questions about how to move forward? Not sure about the positioning of your evergreen offer? Whatever strategy or mindset questions you have, Claire or the team can answer them in our bi-weekly Office Hours. 

1:1 Milestone Calls

Each time you reach one of the milestones laid out for you in The Lead Lab, you’ll get additional support in a 1:1 call with one of our coaches. You’ll get total clarity on your next steps so that you can keep up your momentum and dive into the next step with confidence.

Bonus #1: Private Facebook Community

Your go-to spot for answers as you create and optimize your framework assets. My team of coaches and I will help you troubleshoot, problem solve, and brainstorm so that you can make progress quickly. Plus you’ll network with other entrepreneurs who are ultimately committed to reaching bigger and better revenue goals!

Bonus #2: Profitable Launch Ads

The way you run ads in the lead up for a launch is very different from how you should do your evergreen ads. The key is making important decisions about how you start and then react to your results. There’s no time for the usual testing process! In this training, you’ll learn how to budget for all the different types of launch ads, scale your results, and triage your campaigns if they aren’t doing well off the bat. (This training will be recorded live in March 2021, and updated as needed. If you are launching sooner, we can get you the info you need before then.)

Bonus #3: How to Hire an Ad Consultant Training

As you graduate from The Lead Lab, you may be ready to hand your ad management off to someone else. But should you hire a freelance ad manager? Or bring someone to run your ads in-house? In this training, you’ll figure out which direction is right for you, how to make an informed decision about who to hire, and get access to our list of vetted ad managers who Claire has personally trained and mentored. 

"How long does it take to implement everything?"

It completely depends on you and your current situation. Lots of people will be able to repurpose existing assets which will dramatically reduce the time it’ll take to build the funnel we teach inside The Lead Lab. 

You’ll need to spend the most time on the first part of our framework - but that’s also how you’ll make back your investment! Most people are able to launch their first ROI-focused offer in 4 weeks or less.

If you wait to implement this framework that gets you paid while your ads are running, that could be thousands of dollars you’re leaving on the table! 

Hey! I’m Claire Pelletreau… and I’m kinda weird.

But we're not here to talk about my obsession with books like World War Z. Here's what you need to know: 

I’m determined to help you turn Facebook and Instagram ads into a simple, effective and doable part of your strategy for growing your business…

And most importantly — I want your ads to be ridiculously profitable, too.

As for me, I had my first Facebook ads love affair back in 2011, back when pretty much any picture of a cat would get insane results. Oh, those were the days...

Because all of a sudden, Facebook became pay to play, seemingly overnight… and they didn’t exactly make it easy to join the game.

It was stressful, confusing, and effin’ frustrating.

It took me many, many hours (just ask my very patient husband) of research, several years of testing what worked for my clients, and a whole lotta trial and error to master the ever-changing Ads Manager and Facebook ecosystem.

I’ve developed a simple process that leads directly to revenue, all while growing your audience 24/7.

The not-so-secret herbs and spices behind it all?

It’s a potent blend of…

  • A simple strategy for injecting fast cash into your business, so you have extra money to spend on your next ad campaign.
  • A collaborative method for finding the perfect low-price product that will bring in sales on autopilot and earn back your spend.
  • A dead-easy game plan for navigating evergreen campaigns, so you can bend Facebook’s Ads Manager to your will (just promise that you’ll use your newfound powers for good, not evil).
  • A battle-tested method for understanding your results and how to fix what isn’t working (your days of guessing and stressing are over, friend).

… all taught by someone who actually knows what they’re talking about and has made it her life’s mission to burn down all the BS surrounding Facebook and Instagram ads (that’s me, by the way.)

4X the number of high quality leads without spending more!

CEO and Creative Director Kelsey Kerslake joined The Lead Lab to double her monthly revenue and expand her reach to an audience of very interested potential clients through Facebook ads.

With The Lead Lab frameworks, she has brought down her cost per lead by 75%, freeing a huge portion of her ad budget to bring in even more leads than expected! She is now getting 4X the number of leads while spending the same amount on ads.

For her launch, Kelsey pulled a 7.15x ROI on ad spend, bringing in $51,000 of revenue from ad leads alone with $7,130.05 ad spend and new leads on her list for future launches! 

✔ Who is The Lead Lab for? 

Who is this NOT for? ❌

  • The Lead Lab is for people who have at least one offer that people buy on a consistent basis.
  • You know what problem you help people solve, and you know how to convert those people to clients or customers. 
  • Maybe you’ve tried ads in the past, or maybe you haven’t. Either way, you’re bringing in steady revenue, and you’re comfortable with the idea of running ads that don’t break even right away.
  • You should not join The Lead Lab if you’re still trying to figure out how to get customers or clients on a consistent basis. Facebook and Instagram ads are amazing tools to help you automate your marketing, but they will NOT get people to buy if you don’t know how to get organic leads to buy.
  • You also should not join if the idea of spending money on ads without seeing a lightning fast return makes you super nervous.

Ready to grow your list without all the manual marketing . . . AND make consistent sales that pay for your ads ?

Join The Lead Lab and get 9 months of access to:

  • 1:1 Facebook Ad Account Audit ($1,000)
  • Your Painkiller Product training ($500 value)
  • Workshop Magic training ($300 value)
  • The One Day Funnel training ($500 value)
  • Absolute FB Ads training ($2,000 value)
  • Personalized feedback on your work ($5,000 value)
  • Bi-weekly Office Hours calls with Claire ($5,000 value)
  • 1:1 Milestone calls with our coach ($2,000 value)
  • BONUS: The Lead Lab private Facebook community ($3,000 value)
  • BONUS: Launch Ads Workshop ($1,000 value)
  • BONUS: Outsourcing Your Ads Workshop ($3,000 value)

TOTAL VALUE: $23,300

You can join us for:

9 Payments Of $790

1 Payment of $6400



SAVE $710! 

Plus get a bonus 1:1 strategy call!


Get a 1:1 strategy call with Claire 

to use at any point in 

your 9 months in the program!

Use it to strategize about your "Painkiller Product," talk about your upsell process, or anything you need extra support on! 

"Every $1K we put into Facebook ads, we make $15K in revenue."

 “Facebook ads are always changing. It’s hard to know if you're doing it right, how much you should be spending and if you're going to make it back.

So many questions - but Claire makes it easy to figure out AND she makes it fun.

Today, every $1K we put into Facebook ads, we make $15K in revenue. Claire gave me the confidence and guidance I need to get started. She is a great teacher and I highly recommend her!"

 - Sarah Jones, Founder of Introverted Alpha

"Claire is clearly at the top of this field… she is THE go-to person when it comes to Facebook.”

When I signed up for Claire's course,  I was blown away by Claire's expertise. She is clearly at the top of this field. 

The other people on her Q&A call were FB marketing experts signing in to get her feedback on their campaigns and to get answers to pointed questions. Based on all her answers, it quickly became clear to me that she is THE go-to person when it comes to Facebook. I am SOOOO grateful I found her!"

 - Tysan Lerner, Founder of Tyzen Fit

“We made $13,000 and added 2300 new subscribers.”

Before I joined Claire's course, we didn’t run many ads (and when we did, I was usually losing money). I quickly realized that I couldn’t figure this out on my own.

Today, we have spent less than $5,000 and grossed $13,000 from sales directly from the ad over a 45 day period. We have also gained approximately 2,300 email subscribers.

-Kalyn Brooke, KB Creative Media, LLC

The Lead Lab was made for you if you see yourself in ANY of the following…

  • You've got some exciting new offers in the works, but you know that you need to grow an audience of engaged subscribers before you launch.

  • You want to make sure your email list is full of people most likely to buy your future offers, and you're ready to use Facebook to find them.

  • You’ve got an existing course or product that sells pretty well organically, and now you’re ready to get it in front of more people and generate sales with greater consistency.

  • You’ve worked really hard to market your business through high-touch methods like outreach, networking, guest posting and more. You don’t have all day to spend on Facebook and you want a simple, low-maintenance system for reaching your ideal audience every day.

  • You plan to launch your course or digital product in the next 6 months.

  • You’re working on an evergreen sales funnel.

  • You’d eventually LOVE to hire someone to run your ads for you one day. (Having an understanding of how Facebook ads do and DON’T work is so important when you’re outsourcing this piece to someone who may or may not get you the results you’re hoping for.)

"Before I worked with Claire I was overwhelmed and a bit confused about Facebook Ads.”

“Claire kicked my butt to get my lead magnet, landing pages & ad images ready; I had been procrastinating on doing it all for a couple of months! Claire taught me how to write ad & landing page copy that really resonates with the audience, rather than just being about me, me, me.

I am now confident to really delve into the reports and know that I’m looking at the correct metrics. I’m confident in my ability to put together great ads and measure the results; like a FB Ads Badass!

Claire is really down to earth and explains everything in a friendly, easy-to-understand way. And she REALLY knows her stuff!"

 - Angela Ponsford, Dominate Web Media

"A 300% ROI on my ads”

“I worked with Claire on Facebook ads for a number of my big launches. She helped me figure out when to invest more in ads to grow my reach and when to put on the brakes.

In the last launch, not only did we have tremendous lead gen, but earned a 300% ROI on my ads!"

 - Erin Stutland, Shrink Session

"There are a lot of people online who offer business help of some sort or another, but few are as thorough as Claire.

She doesn’t phone anything in. She understands the pragmatic outcomes that someone wants from working with her–they want to learn how to utilize Facebook ads and make money with them–and she keeps that bottom line in mind.

She’s efficient, offers excellent feedback, and over-delivers.

I absolutely feel that this has been worth the investment."

 - Kate Courageous, Your Courageous Life

We're going to get you up and running with a

low-maintenance system that doesn’t just provide you with additional income… 

But extra time to spend where it matters, too:

“Facebook ads allowed me to fund my maternity leave and be with my family… it’s been life-changing.”

“Using the strategies Claire teaches, I set up retargeting ads that generated over $10,000 in sales in just 8 weeks, from just $500 in ad spend. That revenue took the pressure off having to go back to work too early after my c-section.

It’s been life-changing, to have a tool that can provide me with that kind of freedom. Even now, my life is pretty chaotic. We had a vacation and then everyone got sick… and when I look back, my revenue did not drop because I had my Facebook ads up and running.

I used to be afraid of Facebook ads, but now I feel that they give me control over my business. With organic traffic from Google and social media, you never really know the details behind your specific results. But Facebook gives you so much data about what’s working - and Claire shows you how to use that data to make better decisions and get more from your ads.

Better yet, Claire tests the strategies she recommends with her own clients. She isn’t just teaching it. She’s doing it herself.

If you follow what Claire tells you to do, stick with it, do the work and stay committed... this course can change the face of your business.”

- Monica Froese, Founder of Redefining Mom

"What if I don't like the program? Can I get a refund?"

My promise to you: do the work, and we’ve got your back

I’m certain that if you commit to showing up fully inside The Lead Lab for the next 9 months, you’ll see an astronomical change in your business. You'll likely make back most if not all of your investment with you launch your Painkiller Product!

Refunds will not be granted and full payment of payment plans is required, even if you stop participating. But when you’re in The Lead Lab, my team and I go above and beyond to help you success.

I know that this is a serious investment - of your time, money and effort, too. And that’s why I want to make this decision as risk-free for you as I can. 

So, this is my promise to you:

If you enroll in The Lead Lab and don’t feel like it’s working for you, just let us know and we’ll do everything we can to support you. Once you’re in, we're 100% in your corner and totally committed to your success. If you’re struggling, we expect you to let us know. If you’re falling behind, we expect you to reach out so we can help you. 

If you’re willing to put in the work, we’ll do everything in our power to help you thrive.

Give yourself a break from the content creation hamster wheel. Growing your list can actually be EASY! And my team and I can't wait to help you put this funnel in place. Will you take the leap with us?

Join The Lead Lab and get 9 months of access to:

  • Your Painkiller Product training ($500 value)
  • Workshop Magic training ($300 value)
  • The One Day Funnel training ($500 value)
  • Absolute FB Ads training ($2,000 value)
  • Personalized feedback on your work ($5,000 value)
  • Bi-weekly Office Hours calls with Claire ($5,000 value)
  • 1:1 Milestone calls with our coach ($2,000 value)
  • BONUS: The Lead Lab private Facebook community ($3,000 value)
  • BONUS: Launch Ads Workshop ($1,000 value)
  • BONUS: Outsourcing Your Ads Workshop ($3,000 value)

TOTAL VALUE: $22,300

You can join us for just:

9 Payments Of $790

1 Payment of $6400



SAVE $710! 

Plus get a bonus 1:1 strategy call!

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