Get REAL Results from Facebook Ads Without Pulling Your Hair Out!

You’ve spent the last 6-12 months hustling like crazy to seriously grow your business. And boy, has it paid off! You’re making good money by selling online courses, have raving fans who can’t stop singing your praises, and you’ve got plans. BIG plans:

You’re ready to drive a TON of new traffic to your site.

Hit record numbers with your email list.

Work with a rockstar team that runs your business while you’re focusing on the Big Picture.

Sell so many of your courses that $100K feels like a drop in the revenue bucket.

Basically, make more MONEY and get RECOGNITION for the incredible work you put out into the world.

You know Facebook ads are a huge part of an EFFECTIVE marketing strategy . . .

But you’re not 100% sure how to make them truly work for you in your own business! 

I’m guessing you can relate to at least some of the following…

You have no idea how to budget your ads. You want to know how much money you SHOULD spend and where. Every time you run a campaign, it feels like cash is just slipping through your fingers.

The hours you’ve wasted researching options and settings is cringe-worthy. But nobody has given you a straight answer! You just want to know how to target your audience – is that so hard???

You don’t even know where the hell to start. You spent a few minutes staring at Facebook’s complicated interface and just gave up. This sh*t is just way too complicated, and you fear it might not even be worth it.

You’ve been able to run some ads, but they’re not bringing in the incredible ROI you’ve heard your colleagues talk about. The truth is, you’re not really sure what the problem is!

The Facebook ad consultants that you’ve talked to charge WAY more than you can afford to spend. Their fees plus the cost of ads cut into your profits so much that it just doesn’t make sense to even use Facebook ads that way.

You’ve been burned by Facebook ads in the past. You hired someone to do them for you but it was a complete waste of money. The worst part? You don’t know if A) that consultant didn’t know what they were doing, B) maybe Facebook ads just don’t work for your particular business, or C) you were using the wrong strategy. (My guess is a little of A, none of B, and a lot of C.)

You can’t figure out the tracking to save your life. It MIGHT be working correctly, but you’re honestly not sure. What’s the point of dumping money into a marketing channel if you can’t be sure that you’re making back $5 for every $1 you spend?

Here’s the truth: if you throw together a few ads here and there without a solid STRATEGY for making your money back, you’re going to lose at the Facebook ad game. 

You could end up wasting time, sanity, and a 

BOATLOAD of money.

But don't worry. Your days of pulling your hair out are over.

Your subscriber list grows every day with qualified leads who are primed to become customers. Your bank account thanks you every day as your sales skyrocket!

Those list building ads are a part of a COMPLETE Facebook ad strategy designed to sell more of your online courses or programs. No more throwing different campaigns up against the wall and seeing what sticks . . . until it doesn’t anymore.

No more drowning in options, buttons and jargon you don’t understand. You’ve mastered Facebook’s advanced interface and you know exactly what to do and how to do it, quickly. Nothing more, nothing less, just winning.

Writing ad copy no longer mystifies you OR takes up much of your time. You know EXACTLY what works for your audience, and you don’t waste time on words that don’t convert! #NobodyHasTimeForThat

Your advertising costs continually go down as your numbers go up. As you continue to master Facebook ads, you get better at targeting the right people AND the Facebook algorithm starts working to bring you better leads. Win-Win!

Your organic reach has even expanded. The more people who find out about your services the more they tell their friends. New folks flock to your blog posts, communities and webinars!

Facebook ads are a simple, effective part of your marketing strategy. You pump out ads with barely a thought. Or even hand off the implementation to your assistant or VA so you can get on with the work you love to do.

Most importantly, you’ve increased your cash flow WITHOUT spending all your profits on more contractors. Doesn’t it feel good to keep the money you make?

Because once you learn HOW to create and optimize Facebook ads for your business, you’ll be able to run ads with ease, save time on marketing, and FINALLY hit those revenue goals you’ve been dreaming of.

"Facebook ads can be daunting and there is a lot of confusing information out there on what works and what doesn't. Claire explains Facebook ads in a clear, step-by-step way that makes advertising on Facebook feel less overwhelming and totally doable."

- Kathleen Shannon, Being Boss Podcast and Braid Creative

Yup, Facebook ads really can be that effective and that simple.

Because Facebook is pretty much Skynet from Terminator (you know, the creepy organization that knows everything about everyone): they have a TON of information about your potential clients that you can use to target the RIGHT folks.

Facebook even knows if you’re the type of person who clicks “like” or reads every blog post that crosses their feed. Did you know that showing ads to these different types of people dramatically impacts your costs and conversions?

That means you can use this information to precisely pinpoint the people who are most likely to take the SPECIFIC action you want them to at each step of your strategy.

“Sounds great. What’s the catch?”

The problem is Facebook doesn’t want it to be easy. Sadly, they make a HUGE amount of money off of people who don’t understand how the system works.

But by making simple, yet highly effective changes to the way you create and optimize your ads, you can make Facebook’s little mind tricks for for you instead of against you.

Want to know how? The answer is:

ABSOLUTE FB ADS gives you the ENTIRE strategy your business needs to make millions in course sales with Facebook ads.

We’re not just talking about how to run one campaign for one webinar – I’m giving you an entire system, a way of thinking about how to up-level your business through targeted marketing. I’ll teach you exactly what you need to know to amass tons of subscribers, direct loads of traffic, and make thousands of course sales.

Here’s what’s inside 

Absolute FB Ads:

"I recently purchased two different bootcamp-style Facebook ads courses because ads are a common service I provide for my clients. 

Claire's course is hands down the best out there. She delivers everything she says she will, and more. In fact, I consider my knowledge of Facebook ads to be advanced, and even then I learned several new and valuable strategies and tools. 

Finally, Claire is accessible. Purchasing the course is only the beginning of the responsiveness and coaching that you will receive from Claire--something that I find to be rare with online courses. 

I highly recommend purchasing Claire's Absolute FB ads course. I've never been so happy to spend my money!"

- Vanessa Errecarte, Erreco Strategies

“In the first 30 days of the course I got 158 new email opt-ins at an average of $4.14 per lead in a super-crowded market. 

Now, not only am I getting about 100 new leads each week from Facebook, but I’ve actually learned to LOVE the process of creating and running ads. Never thought I would say that, but it’s true!

If you’re ready to finally step up and learn Facebook ads, this course is well-worth the investment. Claire’s a great teacher and she has really helpful cheat sheets throughout the course that make it simple to put together a winning ad."  

- Greg Faxon, Business Coach for High Performers

"I've tried some FB ads courses in the past - what a waste of money...

they were vague and I was SO FREAKIN' BORED!

Claire's content is more in-depth, to the point, and practical. Yes! Finally - what I was looking for!

You can only YouTube a solution to your questions so many times. After a while, you just want a hand to guide you - and that's what Claire's course and FB group has done for me. If you're serious about this - skip googling the answers and make the investment into yourself."

- Gigi Rogers, The Ambassador of Buzz at Puck'n Khaos

"There is so much information on Facebook advertising it's overwhelming. After going through Absolute FB ads, I knew I had found the last resource that I would ever need! 

It's been a tremendous relief to have one central place, and one person to look to for advice, tips, and information on running successful ad campaigns. The monthly Q&A calls ensure that questions that are unique to my industry and situation get answered. 

Thanks to Claire and her course, I just finished my first $10k course launch, powered in part by FB retargeting ads! " 

- John Sowash, Creator of The Chromebook Classroom

With ABSOLUTE FB ADS you get…

Grouped into 12 modules, everything you need to learn is broken up into short, easy-to-digest lessons. I’ve included actionable steps, screenshot tutorials, and get-‘er-done plans so you can apply what you learn to YOUR business, right away. ($2000-value)


For all you technophobes, I’ll hold your hand through the more technical and confusing aspects of Facebook ads. For example, I’ll show you exactly how to use the Ad Manager to quickly scale your campaigns, the best ways to create stunning images on Canva, and how to create and save your audiences ahead of time, saving you one of the most hair-splitting headaches Facebook could ever produce. ($900-value)


This course isn’t just about learning theory. I want you to be able to apply everything you learn directly to your business, right away. These worksheets will help you work through the process of 1. honing in your ideal Facebook Ad strategy and 2. making it happen. ($400-value)


FYI: the lessons in this course are primarily text-and-screenshot-based. If you live for video instruction in courses, I'm not your girl.

You've got BIG goals in your business, right? What you may not know is all the ways that you can use Facebook ads to achieve them. Jump on Zoom with me and other students once a month, tell me about your specific business and what you're trying to accomplish, and I'll give you personalized advice about how to combine Facebook ads with organic tactics so you can get there faster! (Most calls happen the 3rd week of the month.)



This is actually my FAVORITE part of the course. Facebook is ALWAYS changing. I will be updating this course as fast as I can, and you will have access to every change (even if the price goes up later). BUT I want you to also have a place to discuss new updates, error messages, and bugs immediately.

Plus, as you develop your skills with Facebook ads, you’ll invariably venture into the land of more complex advertising tactics. You may have questions, and I want to be there to answer them for you.

The Absolute Support Group is a private group on Facebook EXCLUSIVELY for Absolute FB Ads customers. My team and I will be in there to help answer questions, level up your strategy, and hold your hand through any changes to Facebook’s ever-evolving interface!

I think of this as the Customer Support Facebook SHOULD have, but doesn’t.

Now, this community is ONLY about Facebook ads. This isn’t a place to promote your blog or round up new clients. I like keeping the group FOCUSED so it doesn’t become overwhelming or cluttered with anything unnecessary. Just great information about how to fix Facebook ad problems and achieve greater levels of success. ($5000-value)

"I signed up for Absolute FB Ads because a trusted colleague referred it to me. 

However, I was torn between her course and another course that was offering live training. I was worried that I would not be able to ask Claire any questions, and I was worried that I would feel a bit on my own with an all-digital course. 

I signed up anyhow (thanks to the referral) and there was a live Q&A call with Claire the very next morning!

I jumped on and was pleasantly surprised to get a warm, personalized welcome from Claire. She spent time looking at my past campaigns, and helped me choose which one to relaunch on the spot. On top of that, Claire helped me tweak the copy a bit so it would perform even better. She also gave me the heads up about a possible issue I would run into with the ad and how to handle it should FB take the ad down. 

Most importantly, I was blown away by Claire's expertise. 

She is clearly at the top of this field. The other people on the call were FB marketing experts signing in to get her feedback on their campaigns and to get answers to pointed questions. Based on all her answers, it quickly became clear to me that she is THE go-to person when it comes to Facebook. I am SOOOO grateful I found her!"

- Tysan Lerner, Co-founder of Tyzen Fit

Are you ready to master Facebook + Instagram ads with Absolute FB Ads?

TOTAL VALUE: $8,397+




2 Payments Of:


1 Payment Of:

  • 12 in-depth training modules inside your private learning area, with over 60 lessons ($2000 value)
  • 6 video tutorials ($900 value)
  • 4 worksheets ($400 value)
  • Monthly strategy + Q&A calls ($97/month value)
  • BONUS 1: Absolute Support Group Private Facebook Community ($5000 value)

As a reminder, you'll get:

Here’s what people are saying about 

Absolute FB Ads and working with Claire:

“When I first started with Facebook ads, it was hit or miss. Sometimes, it worked! But sometimes, Facebook would have changed everything and ads that worked before weren’t getting the same results. That’s where Claire’s Absolute FB Ads swooped in to save the day!

Our ads are now working like GANGBUSTERS. We are adding new leads to our business at less than $1.50 per opt-in and even more exciting we are getting a 4x ROI!

No longer was I crossing my fingers, hoping that I wasn’t throwing away thousands of dollars. With the strategies Claire has shared, our Facebook Ads have gone from a money pit to a money machine generating an extra $2K per week!"

– Racheal Cook, Creator of the Sweet Spot Strategy and the Yogipreneur

Claire is a 1-2 punch of Facebook advertising expertise. 

She’s not just interested in the cool features and massively valuable tactics you can employ with your Facebook ads. 

She’s also strategic, which means she helps you think about how your ads fit into the bigger picture and contribute to the overall success of your business. My clients love learning from her. You will too.”

– Tara McMullin, Founder of What Works Network

"Before buying this course, I had a general sense of how to run Facebook ads, but I was too intimidated to use the more advanced features. With Absolute FB Ads, I had the course open in one window and the Ads Manager in another, putting an ad together step-by-step. 

That ad helped me grow my list by more than 1600 new subscribers, and lots of those people ended up buying our coloring posters with very little marketing on my part.

A few months later, I spent about $2000 on a Facebook ad campaign to promote our new Advent coloring posters. The sales were WAY beyond what I expected, and a huge influx of those new customers were all coming from the ads! Our mailing list went from 5700 to 7300, and those Advent coloring posters sold like crazy. I was expecting about 300 orders, and we sold out at 675, bringing in $63,000 in just one week.

Thanks for such a great course that was both incredibly informative and easy to jump into. I couldn’t have done it without you, Claire!

– Adam Walker Cleaveland, Illustrated Children’s Ministry

"I was nervous to enroll in Absolute FB Ads because it so easily could have been stuff I already knew or could easily figure out: simple strategies that weren’t worth my dollars. But I trusted Claire because of all the in-depth blog posts she gives. And good thing – this course was really helpful. Like my little roadmap for a successful ad!

I ran one Facebook ad and 1.27% of the people who saw it became a new subscriber. Almost every one of them stayed on my list. And each one only cost just over a dollar. They say a subscriber on your list is worth about $2, so I’m calling this a total win!!"

– Laura C George – Business Coach for Artists

I had done some Facebook ads before enrolling in Claire’s course, and I always felt that I was missing something. There just seemed to be so many options and I wasn’t sure what the right type of ad for my situation was – I constantly felt I was missing something. 

Absolute FB Ads really cuts down what works and what doesn’t without overly simplifying things. It’s in-depth and comprehensive, but also quite easy-going. It isn’t boring either, which it could have easily been. I went through the entire course materials once and then picked off it in small chunks as I was creating the ads.

I would absolutely recommend Absolute FB Ads.

– Rob Young, Dominate Web Media

"Frustrated. Confused. Pissed. Off. --> All things I was feeling about Facebook ads before I took Claire’s course, Absolute FB Ads.

Claire had been surfacing in my life for a few months through various shared acquaintances and recommendations from friends. After listening to some of Claire's podcasts and hearing more about her from Kathleen Cutler - I made the investment! 

Now Facebook ads have become much more manageable. As an Operations Manager, I need to know enough about FB ads to serve my clients and this step-by-step, how-to-do-this-shit-guide is my secret weapon! My goal was to know what the hell I was doing and understand the process so I could tell my clients what worked and what didn't. Any virtual assistant or OBM would benefit from the skills Claire teaches in Absolute FB Ads.

The Facebook group can feel intimidating at first, but when I posed a question in the group, Claire answered directly, which was impressive!

TL;DR: Facebook ads are Mount Everest and Claire's course is my sherpa.

Job well-done, Claire! And keep the updates coming! (Because we know Zuckerberg lies in bed dreaming each night about how the team should change up the  Ads Manager just to drive us bonkers.)"

- Jessica Gulley-Ward, Owner of Juggling Logistics

I was one of the first people to buy Absolute FB Ads and it was one of the best business moves I made! Not only did the class give me a Masters Degree in FB ads, it bolted on a highly valued service to my agency that continues today. 

I had bought other ad courses in the past, but always felt like I wasted my money when the course was never updated to address the constant changes they make to Facebook. 

Claire has that no-BS approach that I love and she really breaks everything down in easy to follow steps. I love Absolute FB ads and owe much of my success to Claire!

- Angela Pointon, Chief Marketer at Hand Select Your Clients & President at 11outof11 Marketing Agency

"Before I signed up for Absolute FB Ads I was pretty confident in what I was doing, but I just wasn't getting the results I needed. I was skeptical because this is not the first FB Ads course I’ve done, but the 30 day money back guarantee and Claire's really practical advice during her webinars made me think that this course may be different.

After going through the course I feel like I have a plan, not to mention a better understanding of how my entire funnel will work. My favorite thing about it are the clear and concise instructions. Other courses are so airy fairy! I'm not a marketer and I just want to know what to do in simple everyday language! This course does just that. It breaks everything down without over-complicating and over-analyzing every single thing, but it still gives you guidance if things don't work.

Absolute FB Ads helped me continue building my list and I have been able to create and test different ads. I learned how to get my ads organized and how to use the conversion pixel CORRECTLY! I had never tested different ads before because it seemed too complicated, but Claire broke it down and made what I thought was super complicated quite easy! 

I feel like I have finally gotten my head around FB ads. It's also so good to know that even though FB will keep changing, I will have Claire's support 24/7 (well, pretty much!) in the private Facebook Group!

The instructions were SOOOO clear and SOO easy to follow and Claire's relaxed and supportive personality really comes through in her writing. I generally don't like reading instructions but I had no issues following the course. 

I was almost certain I would be asking for my money back after 30 days, but this has turned out to be one of my best investments for my business. My only regret is that I didn't find Claire sooner!!"

- Deborah Parsonage, Founder of dLife Photo School 

"Claire's biggest problem is that she over-delivers and doesn't charge enough for her courses!"

Tony Rulli, Co-Founder of Intentional Spark

"For every $1K we put into Facebook ads, we make $15K in revenue. Thank you, Claire!

Sarah Jones, Founder of Introverted Alpha

I manage Facebook accounts for clients all day long so I am always hungry for the latest tactics. 

Claire is just marvelous at what she does; her touch for details and explaining things always leave me wanting more. Buying Absolute Ads was a no brainer. I thought I would get a refresher on Facebook ad basics, but I definitely took away a lot more than that. I can’t wait for what’s to come!

– Lenny Ramirez, Facebook Ads Consultant

“I literally searched for a Facebook ad consultant for months; I interviewed more than ten different people and agencies to work with. I was frustrated and tired, but knew that I needed someone great to run my ads.

I actually found Claire while Googling “How do I find a Facebook ads manager” at 4 o’clock in the morning (and I've been in the game long enough to know that this isn’t something you just Google). 

The very first time we worked together, we got a 400% ROI from my investment! It’s a huge relief to know my money's in the most capable hands.” 

- Jasmine Star, Social Media Expert and Business Strategist

"Claire gives so generously on her Q&As. She does a deep dive when needed and gives a quick fix when possible. Love this part of the program!"

- Sarah Michelle Brown, Founder of Videos That Shine

Now keep in mind: Facebook ads are like Viagra and not a silver bullet.

If someone’s bad in bed, Viagra’s not really going to do much for their sex life. (Sorry!) But, if you’re great between the sheets but just want to last a little longer, take the blue pill and you’ll get great results.

Likewise, if you haven’t put the time into the foundation of your business, or aren’t willing to put the work into your offerings, Facebook ads aren’t going to make your business explode. BUT if you have great content and offerings that people can’t resist, then Facebook ads can be the little blue pill you need to hit it home.

Who Absolute FB Ads is for:

This course is NOT for:

  • People who are struggling to pay their bills every month.
  • Anyone who wants an easy shortcut to making money. Facebook ads require a LOT of testing and tweaking; anyone who tells you otherwise is lying.
  • People who are not interested in selling courses or group training/coaching programs.
  • Know that your offerings and audience are a match. Now all that’s left is to scale.
  • Are working on an evergreen sales funnel, or who plan to in the future.
  • Are thinking of launching in the next 6-9 months.
  • Would like to eventually hire someone to run their ads for them. Having an understanding of how Facebook ads do and DON’T work is so important when you’re outsourcing this piece to someone who may or may not get you the results you’re hoping for.

 Absolute FB Ads is a course for entrepreneurs who:

Stress-Free Money Back Guarantee

Absolute FB Ads is going to simplify your life and help you grow your business. That said, if you complete the course within 30 days of your purchase and aren’t totally in love with it, I’ll refund your money. No matter why it wasn’t right for you, you get your money back. I want you to feel 100% comfortable signing up for this course and I’m SUPER confident it’s going to do wonders for your business.

Ready to meet your Facebook ad tour guide?

Hello there!

My name is Claire Pelletreau and I’m a Facebook ads consultant and self-professed conversion junkie.

What does that mean?

It means I get my kicks from crafting Facebook campaigns, dancing around in the Ads Manager (or my office), and watching your traffic turn into subscribers almost before my very eyes!

I’ve worked in online marketing and Facebook advertising since 2011 (back when pretty much any picture of a cat would go viral). I started my crazy social media journey by spearheading Laura Roeder’s advertising campaigns. While working for Laura, I perfected the art of incorporating paid traffic into the big picture strategy of massive launches and helped her company bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.

Suddenly it seemed like every month there were new and more complex changes to Facebook. Ones that made it more costly and confusing, and killed any sort of organic reach you may have been enjoying. And this all seemed to happen overnight!

It took many hours (way too many) of research and a whole lotta trial and error to master the ever-changing Ad Manager and Facebook ecosystem. It was stressful, confusing, and effing frustrating.

But all that work paid off. Now I have a killer system that can get your ads converting and actually moving the needle on your business! I’ve helped hundreds of business owners just like you increase their reach and decrease ad costs through my fool-proof systems.

Now, after coming up with my system, I initially started my blog to just help smart entrepreneurs make the most of their advertising budgets. But it quickly became clear to me that folks need more intensive education on ads. Without an entire step-by-step strategy, it’s very difficult to make sense of the (expensive) beast that is social advertising.

That’s why I created Absolute FB Ads. This course gives you exactly what you need to know, and not a word more. If you’re willing to learn how to do Facebook ads right (and can follow directions), this simple guide will be easy (and fun) to follow. Instead of spending hours and hours trying to get your ads just right (like I did) you’ll be able to create your ads, get them up and running, and see what’s working in just a couple of days!

But then, the landscape changed.

Ready to FINALLY run Facebook or Instagram ads that WORK?

TOTAL VALUE: $8,397+


  • 12 in-depth training modules ($2000 value)
  • 6 video tutorials ($900 value)
  • 4 worksheets ($400 value)
  • Monthly strategy + Q&A calls ($97/month value)
  • BONUS : Absolute Support Group Private Facebook Community ($5000 value)

Join Absolute FB Ads and get:



2 Payments Of:


1 Payment Of:

Still not convinced? Let me lay down some FAQs for you:

 ⁉️ But I’ve already tried Facebook ads and they were a flop!

There is a whole boatload of common mistakes that probably contributed to this ‘flop’. But after one go-round with Absolute FB Ads, you’ll identify exactly what the problems were AND how to fix them. YOU weren’t the flop, you just need to tweak your strategy.

It probably would, but please don’t buy Absolute FB Ads if you have an e-commerce business. Check out this course instead. (That’s my affiliate link, btw.)

⁉️ Can’t I just hire someone to do it for me?

Sure! But I don’t recommend it. Now, as a Facebook ad consultant, why would I say that? Because it’s not in your best interest! (Or your wallet’s.) Don’t hire me – learn to create your own campaigns with the help of Absolute FB Ads, and eventually hand it off to your super capable team. Trust me – this is the best use of your hard-earned money.

⁉️ Is your course up-to-date? Will it STAY up-to-date?

This is one of the main reasons I’ve raised the price so significantly: I’ve been updating this course since I launched it in 2014. The newest version was completely updated in 2019.

You know how lots of entrepreneurs start with one topic and eventually transform into generic business coaches? I can’t predict the future or anything, but Facebook ads give me plenty of new material to work with year after year. In other words? You can count on me to keep updating the course for a good while.

⁉️  Will Absolute FB Ads help me sell physical products?

Ready to win at Facebook ads 

(and watch your bank account grow)?

Yeah, I want that for you too. 

⁉️  Can you guarantee I’ll get good results from Facebook ads?

I wish I could! The truth is that not every campaign kicks ass, not even my own. BUT I will give you the tools to look at your reports and adjust your campaign so the next time your numbers will improve. There’s some trial and error to this, but I can guarantee your numbers will get better!

⁉️  I sell digital products at a lower price point – can I even afford Facebook ads?

Absolute FB Ads gives you a formula to understand what you should reasonably budget to spend on your campaigns depending on your course or program price.

⁉️   I bought your ebook, Bullseye. How is this different?

Bullseye goes into detail about choosing the right audience based on your objective. Absolute FB Ads takes things several steps further by helping you with ALL the other pieces, like writing copy, creating images, choosing which kind of ad to even use, reading your reports, optimizing your campaigns, and much, much more.

⁉️ Do you have an affiliate program? What’s the deal?

Yup, sure do. Anyone who purchases Absolute FB Ads is invited to join us as an affiliate. You earn $100 for every sale that you help us make, and commissions are paid out monthly.

What I don't want is for you to have  to live with the regret you'll have if you don't snag this deal!


"I started running ads to build up my list before one of my launches earlier this year. After a brief conversation with Claire, I was able to dramatically reduce the cost of each new subscriber using her simple tips on targeting and my ad copy!"

Anne Samoilov – Fearless Launching

"I worked with Claire on Facebook ads for a number of my big launches. She helped me figure out when to invest more in ads to grow my reach and when to put on the brakes. In the last launch, not only did we have tremendous lead gen, but earned a 300% ROI on my ads!"

Erin Stutland – Shrink Session

"There are a lot of people online who offer business help of some sort or another, but few are as thorough as Claire. 

She doesn’t phone anything in. She understands the pragmatic outcomes that someone wants from working with her–they want to learn how to utilize Facebook ads and make money with them–and she keeps that bottom line in mind. She’s efficient, offers excellent feedback, and over-delivers. I absolutely feel that this has been worth the investment."

Kate Courageous – Your Courageous Life

"Before I worked with Claire, I was CLUELESS about Facebook ads. I knew people were having great success with them but I was too nervous to dive in on my own and waste money. 

As a result of our training sessions, I’m excited about using Facebook ads! I got over 500 new quality subscribers to my list from that very first campaign we ran together. Now I know how to run ads without wasting money, and I’m pumped that I have this as a tool for growing my business and promoting my products and services. Plus I’ve learned how to accurately track my ads and make changes on the go to help them convert better!"

Becca Tracey – The Uncaged Life

"Before I worked with Claire I was overwhelmed and a bit confused about Facebook Ads. Claire kicked my butt to get my lead magnet, landing pages & ad images ready; I had been procrastinating on doing it all for a couple of months! Claire taught me how to write ad & landing page copy that really resonates with the audience, rather than just being about me, me, me.

I am now confident to really delve into the reports and know that I’m looking at the correct metrics. I’m confident in my ability to put together great ads and measure the results; like a FB Ads Badass! This course is great for small business owners that don’t know what they’re doing with FB ads. Claire is really down to earth and explains everything in a friendly, easy-to-understand way. And she REALLY knows her stuff!"

Angela Ponsford – Dominate Web Media

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