Thank you SO much for purchasing your copy of Bullseye. I’m really, really excited for you to dive into my Facebook ad targeting system and start applying it to your own campaigns. You should start seeing improvements in your as results right away!


Finding that perfect target audience is great, but I want you to combine it with ad copy that people can’t help but click. Images that stop prospects in their scrolling tracks. The knowledge of how to decipher what the heck those reports are saying, and then the power to take that knowledge and optimize your campaigns for even greater success!

And I want to be there alongside you, helping you troubleshoot Facebook’s changing interface and answering your questions along the way.

Facebook ads can help you reach your business goals, so long as you’re doing them RIGHT. But sometimes it’s hard to know whether you’re on the fast track to major growth, or if you’re missing the mark just a tiny bit. 


When: On Thursdays from February 16 to March 2 

This is your chance to ask me ANYTHING about your ads. Not sure if you’ve nailed the ad copy? I’ll help you take it from solid to SHAREWORTHY.

Are people clicking on your ad but not signing up on the landing page? We’ll work together to make a few tweaks that’ll skyrocket your conversion rate.

Not really sure what all those numbers in your reports mean? Share your screenshots with me and we’ll decipher them together AND make a plan for how you can optimize your campaigns for even better results.


Make sure you jump on this opportunity before time runs out!

Angela-circle-Headshot-testimonialBefore I worked with Claire I was overwhelmed and a bit confused about Facebook Ads. Claire kicked my butt to get my lead magnet, landing pages & ad images ready; I had been procrastinating on doing it all for a couple of months! Claire taught me how to write ad & landing page copy that really resonates with the audience, rather than just being about me, me, me.

I am now confident to really delve into the reports and know that I’m looking at the correct metrics. I’m confident in my ability to put together great ads and measure the results; like a FB Ads Badass!

– Angela Ponsford, Dotti Media

agnes-aldana-circleClaire is so patient and knows what makes Facebook Ads work and tank. She is very detailed and insightful and the group calls during our program were especially valuable because Claire used her real-life experience to guide the group on what can work. I think what I liked best is that Claire doesn’t believe in absolute “rules”, but encourages you to think on your own and really be able to work independently by knowing what you need to focus on. So much so that I am now successfully helping other Health Coaches and wellness professionals with their Ads!

I highly recommend Claire, she’s the real deal. 

– Agnes Aldana, Facebook Ad Consultant for Wellness Professionals

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Grab your copy of my full Facebook Ads course,

Absolute FB Ads: Facebook Ad Training 

This step-by-step course shows you the ENTIRE process of creating and optimizing Facebook ads, so you can grow your business and make more money without losing your mind. (Sanity is golden, yo.)

Absolute FB Ads is more than just a course. It’s an entire system, a way of thinking about how to up-level your business through targeted marketing. I’ll teach you exactly what you need to know to lasso tons of subscribers, direct loads of traffic, close more sales and help your business grow, fast!



Inside Absolute FB Ads we’ll cover:


Let’s cut through all the “where do I even start” confusion. I share exactly how to start spending your budget on the RIGHT campaigns from the get-go. No more wasting time trying to figure out this complicated system; I’ll hold your hand the whole way through.


Learn how to use the Facebook Pixel from the get-go and save yourself MASSIVE headaches in the future. You’ll be able to track how many people clicked on your ad and if that actually drove traffic to your site, webinar registration, or landing page. The Facebook Pixel can be a little tricky when you first start out but these instructions make it ridiculously easy. (You can hold me to that.)


(If this is the ONLY thing about Facebook ads that’s got you pulling your hair out, you’re already covered with Bullseye. It’s actually more in-depth that the Absolute FB Ads chapter on targeting. Just wanted to be straightforward with you about that.)


I’ll show you the art of writing ad copy, the kind that will woo new customers to your shores. Don’t waste time staring at your keyboard. Know exactly what to say and how to say it! With my 5 Rules for Writing Ad Copy, you’ll learn how to balance humor, emotion, and clarity so you!


Easily design ad images that look great, get noticed, and never get rejected by Facebook! I’ll show you simple techniques using Photoshop or Canva to create irresistible photos that catch the eye, no matter how cluttered the News Feed gets.


Master the Power Editor without cursing the day Mark Zuckerberg was born. It’s not a simple interface but I’m literally making it my life’s work to simplify it for you! You’ll have complete control over how you create your campaigns by accessing a wide range of options that can have a HUGE impact on your campaign.

1450466127_vector_65_04BUDGET LIKE A BOSS

Learn how to calculate exactly how much to spend on your next campaign and when to spend it. You’ll no longer invest in campaigns that don’t have a chance of making money for your business. Then spend that extra cash on more Malbec or pastries (or both).


Dig into to Facebook’s reports to get the dirt on precisely what happened with your campaign (and where all your money went). I’ll help you sort through the data so it’s easy to see what’s working (and what isn’t) while your ads are running. The more you continually adapt your strategies, the better your ads will do!


Learn strategic ways to continue running your ads, make changes, or test new ideas! Facebook is constantly growing and developing, but you’ll have the tools to stay on top of it!


With ABSOLUTE FB ADS you’ll get…

ONE massive PDF– This 135-page tome will serve as your course textbook. It has everything you’ll need to learn, broken up in short, easy-to-digest chapters. I include actionable steps, screenshot tutorials, and get-‘er-done plans so you can apply what you learn to YOUR business, right away. ($500-value)

THREE Video Tutorials – For all you technophobes, I’ll hold your hand through the more technical and confusing aspects of Facebook ads. For example, I’ll show you exactly how to use the Power Editor to target your specific audience, the best ways to create stunning images on Canva, and how to extend your campaigns as long as you want/need!  ($300-value)

TWO Worksheets – This course isn’t just about learning theory. I want you to be able to apply everything you learn directly to your business, right away. These worksheets will help you work through the process of 1. honing in your ideal Facebook Ad strategy and 2. making it happen. ($150-value)


This is actually my FAVORITE part of the course. Facebook is ALWAYS changing. Now, I will be updating this course as fast as I can, and you will have access to every change (even if the price goes up later). BUT I want you to also have a place to discuss new updates, error messages, and bugs immediately.

Plus, as you develop your skills with Facebook ads, you’ll invariably venture into the land of more complex advertising tactics. You may have questions, and I want to be there to answer them for you.

The Absolute Support Group is a private group on Facebook EXCLUSIVELY for Absolute FB Ads customers. My team and I will be in there to help answer questions, level up your strategy, and hold your hand through any changes to Facebook’s ever-evolving interface!

I think of this as the Customer Support Facebook SHOULD have, but doesn’t.

Now, this community is ONLY about Facebook ads. This isn’t a place to promote your blog or round up new clients. I like keeping the group FOCUSED so it doesn’t become overwhelming or cluttered with anything unnecessary. Just great information about how to fix Facebook ad problems and achieve greater levels of success. ($1000-value)

And for a limited time . . .

BIG BONUS #2: Your PRIVATE Invitation to 3 Facebook Ads Feedback Sessions

For three Thursdays in February, we’ll meet online for group feedback sessions where you can get help with any piece of the Facebook ads puzzle you’re struggling. Can’t make it live? Submit your questions in advance and watch the replay!

This is a great opportunity to take what you learned in Bullseye and run a few test campaigns in the next couple of weeks. By the time our feedback session rolls around, you’ll have actual results for us to review together! ($450-value)


Total Package Value = $2,400



Um… yeah that’s a pretty good deal, so don’t miss out!

Not convinced? Here are some folks who have used this course to grow their business!


robyoung-circle☞ Rob Young – The Hundred Dollar Club

I had done some Facebook ads before enrolling in Claire’s course, and I always felt that I was missing something. There just seemed to be so many options and I wasn’t sure what the right type of ad for my situation was – I constantly felt I was missing something. The Absolute FB Ads course really cuts down what works and what doesn’t without overly simplifying things. It’s in-depth and comprehensive, but also quite easy-going. It isn’t boring either, which it could have easily been. I went through the entire course materials once and then picked off it in small chunks as I was creating the ads.

I would absolutely recommend the Absolute FB Ads course.

heidithompson-circle-200☞ Heidi Thompson – Evolve Your Wedding Business

I’ve been curious about using Facebook ads for a while but all the advice I’d been given and articles I read seem to contradict itself. Absolute FB Ads cleared up every question I had about what to spend money promoting and how to put together my ads. My list is growing as we speak and I’ve only spent about $80 so far!

bio-meganhale-circle☞ Megan Hale – Megan Hale, LLC

Claire did one hell of job breaking down the Power Editor.  I was able to follow her directions and implement them with barely any learning curve, which I would say is a huge success considering I’m a total newbie! I love the pictures and screen shots – they were huge in helping me understanding the process much easier.

☞ Lenny Ramirez – Facebook Ads Specialist

lenny-testimonial-circleI manage Facebook accounts for clients all day long so I am always hungry for the latest tactics. Finding Claire’s blog was a godsend. I have spent thousands and years on my education – I wish I had had this type of resource when I was starting out and for free! Claire is just marvelous at what she does and her touch for details and explaining things always leave me wanting more. Going for her Absolute Ads course was a no brainer. I thought I would get a refresher on Facebook ad basics, but I definitely took away a lot more than that. I can’t wait for what’s to come!

bio-kenmorgan-circle☞ Ken Morgan – Two’s a Crowd

I’ve been gradually building my Facebook fan base for nearly two years and knew the Ads Manager back to front. But I also knew that it had its limitations. If I wanted to do more with my ads and produce better results, I had to start using Power Editor. I think I had about 10 attempts but found it confusing, counter-intuitive and, frankly, a pain. So I drifted back to the Ads Manager. It wasn’t until I went through Absolute FB Ads that the fog lifted. Claire’s step-by-step instructions just made it easy. She has a unique knack of turning complexity into simplicity – just the help I need when marketing online. Thanks Claire.

Now keep in mind: Facebook ads are like Viagra and not a silver bullet.

If someone’s bad in bed, Viagra’s not really going to do much for their sex life. (Sorry!) But, if you’re great between the sheets but just want to last a little longer, take the blue pill and you’ll get great results.

Likewise, if you haven’t put the time into the foundation of your business, or aren’t willing to put the work into your offerings, Facebook ads aren’t going to make your business explode. BUT if you have great content and offerings that people can’t resist, then Facebook ads can be the little blue pill you need to hit it home.

Stress-Free Money Back Guarantee

Stress Free Guarantee

Absolute FB Ads is going to simplify your life and help you grow your business. That said, if you complete the course within 30 days of your purchase and aren’t totally in love with it, I’ll refund your money.No matter why it wasn’t right for you, you get your money back. I want you to feel 100% comfortable signing up for this course and I’m SUPER confident it’s going to do wonders for your business.


Ready to meet your Facebook ad tour guide?

Hello again!Facebook ad consultant

You know the deal already: I LOVE me some Facebook ads (almost as much as a good box of doughnuts).

Everything was going really smoothly as I ran ads for Laura Roeder (you know, the creator of MeetEdgar) and other burgeoning entrepreneurs back in 2012 and 2013.

But then, the landscape changed.

Suddenly it seemed like every month there were new and more complex changes to Facebook. Ones that made it more costly and confusing, and killed any sort of organic reach you may have been enjoying. And this all seemed to happen overnight!

It took many hours (way too many) of research and a whole lotta trial and error to master the ever-changing Power Editor and Facebook ecosystem. It was stressful, confusing, and fucking frustrating.

But all that work paid off. Now I have a killer system that can get your ads converting and actually moving the needle on your business!  I’ve helped hundreds of business owners just like you increase their reach and decrease ad costs through my fool-proof systems.

Now, after coming up with my system, I initially started my blog to just help smart entrepreneurs make the most of their advertising budgets. But it quickly became clear to me that folks need more intensive education on ads.  Without an entire step-by-step strategy, it’s very difficult to make sense of the (expensive) beast that is social advertising.

That’s why I created Absolute FB Ads. This course gives you exactly what you need to know, and not a word more. If you’re willing to learn how to do Facebook ads right (and can follow directions), this simple guide will be easy (and fun) to follow. Instead of spending hours and hours trying to get your ads just right (like I did) you’ll be able to create your ads, get them up and running, and see what’s working in just a couple of days!

Ready to get started?
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Still not convinced?
Let me lay down some FAQs for you:

⁉️ But I’ve already tried Facebook ads and they were a flop!

There is a whole boatload of common mistakes that probably contributed to this ‘flop’. But after one go-round with Absolute FB Ads, you’ll identify exactly what the problems were AND how to fix them. YOU weren’t the flop, you just need to tweak your strategy.

⁉️ Can’t I just hire someone to do it for me?

Sure! But I don’t recommend it. Now, as a Facebook ad consultant why would I say that? Because it’s not in your best interest! (Or your wallet’s)  Don’t hire me – learn to create your own campaigns with the help of Absolute FB Ads, and eventually hand it off to your super capable team. Trust me – this is the best use of your hard-earned money.

⁉️ Will Absolute FB Ads help me sell physical products?

Selling is selling! You might have to adapt some of the course language to fit your own business, but the theories are all the same.

⁉️ Can you guarantee I’ll get good results from Facebook ads?

I wish I could! The truth is that not every campaign kicks ass, not even my own. BUT I will give you the tools to look at your reports and adjust your campaign so the next time your numbers will improve. There’s some trial and error to this, but I can guarantee your numbers will get better!

⁉️ I sell products at a lower price point – can I even afford Facebook ads?

Absolute FB Ads gives you the formula to understand what you should reasonably budget to spend on your campaigns depending on your product or service price.

⁉️ Do you have an affiliate program? What’s the deal?

Yup, sure do. Anyone who purchases Absolute FB Ads is invited to join us as an affiliate. You earn $100 for every sale that you help us make, and commissions are paid out weekly via Gumroad.

After 3 sales, you’ve more than covered your own investment in the course. I actually get nearly 20% of my business this way which means lots of folks get this course for FREE!

Ready to really win at Facebook ads (and watch your bank account grow)?



Anne-Samoilov-circle☞ Anne Samoilov – Fearless Launching

I started running ads to build up my list before one of my launches earlier this year. After a brief conversation with Claire, I was able to dramatically reduce the cost of each new subscriber using her simple tips on targeting and my ad copy!

☞ Erin Stutland – Shrink Session

I worked with Claire on Facebook ads for a number of Erin Stutlandmy big launches. She helped me figure out when to invest more in ads to grow my reach and when to put on the breaks. In the last launch, not only did we have tremendous lead gen, but earned a 300% ROI on my ads!

☞ Becca Tracey, The Uncaged Life

Before I worked with Claire, I was CLUELESS about Facebook ads. I knew becca-testimonial-circlepeople were having great success with them but I was too nervous to dive in on my own and waste money. As a result of our training sessions, I’m excited about using Facebook ads! I got over 500 new quality subscribers to my list from that very first campaign we ran together. Now I know how to run ads without wasting money, and I’m pumped that I have this as a tool for growing my business and promoting my products and services. Plus I’ve learned how to accurately track my ads and make changes on the go to help them convert better!

Kate Courageous☞ Kate Courageous, Your Courageous Life

There are a lot of people online who offer business help of some sort or another, but few are as thorough as Claire. She doesn’t phone anything in. She understands the pragmatic outcomes that someone wants from working with her–they want to learn how to utilize Facebook ads and make money with them–and she keeps that bottom line in mind. She’s efficient, offers excellent feedback, and over-delivers. I absolutely feel that this has been worth the investment.