Marketing Beyond Your List – Reaching New Eyeballs Week After Week (GPP27)


I’m back with my good friend Val Geisler and today we’re talking about marketing. What is marketing? Is it the same as advertising? Does marketing consist of one thing, or is it more of a blanket term to describe multiple ways to market your products and services? Are there any free or inexpensive marketing techniques that a new entrepreneur could use and gain loads of success? Let’s find out!

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In This Episode You’ll Hear:

  • Marketing is a multi-faceted stream of information to help you get your name, products, and services out there.
  • Types of marketing: email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, Search Engine Optimization, paid advertising, video marketing, sales pages, webinars, podcasting
  • We’ll share different steps that you can use in your business to jump-start, or improve upon, your marketing plan
  • How to use Facebook groups to increase your website traffic and subscriber list and which type of Facebook groups you should join.
  • How to use LinkedIn and LinkedIn’s Pulse to market your business

Mentioned In This Episode:

The TL;DR of the show:

  • Don’t be afraid to tell or remind people what you do for a living and how they can hire you to help them solve their problems. People need to be reminded! Be sure to mention in your newsletters what services you offer and how your readers can hire you!

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