Rachel Greiman: “I Almost Shuttered This Successful Business” (GPP199)

Rachel Greiman is a copywriter and documentary family photographer in Denver, CO. She owns Green Chair Stories, a company committed to writing websites that get photographers booked. She believes cookies are a perfectly acceptable breakfast food, as long as you eat some salad later. She lives with her giant dog (an 80-pound bernedoodle named Bernadette), her giant husband (a 6’6″ man named Travis), and her currently little (but probably soon-to-be giant) babies in a bungalow in the city.

“ I thought: I’m going to shut this down. This is our last year. I’m done.” – Rachel Grieman

This Week on the Get Paid Podcast:

  • Meeting at a conference to becoming Voxer friends with Claire
  • Her life as a reaction to how she was raised in a Mennonite community
  • How Rachel went from finishing a job in Uganda to starting a business in Philadelphia
  • Do enriching experiences equal happiness?
  • From charging $500 for a full website to stacking $500 every 6 months
  • Hiring her first teammate 3 weeks before maternity leave
  • Zero child care during a pandemic 😩😩😩
  • How Rachel has successfully written the copy for 300 websites
  • A disappearance from social media
  • Rachel’s conversion rates and how she sells her services without sales calls

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