Kira Sabin: $80K by Coaching “Normals” (GPP 48)



Welcome back! I am incredibly excited about today’s guest, the “Troop Leader of Love” and founder of League of Adventurous Singles, Kira Sabin. Kira is a life and love coach specifically for singles looking for help navigating the crazy world of dating. She works primarily with female clients – with a few men sprinkled in for a bit of added flavor, and she helps her clients navigate their love life and the dating scene in a rather interesting and unique way. Today, she breaks it down for us, answering all of my uncomfortable questions, including how she gets paid – and how much she has made so far this year. She also allows me to pick her brain a little on the types of mistakes she has made over her 8-year career as a “love coach” and shares a bit of advice for other life coaches and business owners.

Dan Norris on the 7 Day Startup and Building a Brewery (GPP 47)


This week I am excited to have the opportunity to interview Dan Norris, co-founder of WP Curve – a service-based company specializing in helping entrepreneurs fix WordPress problems – and the author of the book “The 7-Day Startup.” Dan explains his rocky road to success, starting (and failing) several startup businesses throughout the years before collaboratively working to create WP Curve. We talk about the ups and downs in his business journey, suggestions and advice that he received before launching WP Curve, and the many lessons that he feels every aspiring startup business owner should know before starting their business.

Dan also shares a little information about his Australia-based craft beer brewing company and how starting this business is very different from developing a successful online startup. He explains his idea of “differentiation,” the difference between a startup and a full-fledged business, and provides tips on what he believes new startup business owners should focus on and what they should “forget about.”

Shannon Simmons: The Challenge of Scaling a Service-Based Business (GPP 46)


Finances and budgeting are significant and crucial parts of running a business. I’ll admit, it is not my favorite part of being a business owner – but it is too important to ignore. In today’s episode, I am joined by Shannon Lee Simmons, finance, and money management coach and founder of New School of Finance based in Canada. She shares her “rags to riches” story with us, her business model, and the services and products that her company offers. We also get down to the nitty-gritty details on her personal and professional finances, discussing how much she charges for each of her products and services as well as her company’s net profit last year on each of her courses and services.

Megan Flatt: Selling a Planner and Coaching Mama CEOs (GPP 45)



Running a business while juggling the crazy, hectic schedules that come along with motherhood can be a challenge – to put it mildly. From rushing kids to soccer practice to rushing to launch a product or service on time, we all often feel stressed, overwhelmed, or simply aren’t sure how to do certain things we want to do to scale our businesses. Megan Flatt is a business strategist who works almost exclusively with female entrepreneurs – or more specifically, mom entrepreneurs. She joins me on the show today to share some of her personal experiences with being a Mama CEO, how she helps other mompreneurs, and some of the challenges she has faced head on while launching a new product.

Jamie Jensen on Her $160K Copywriting Year and $80K Expenses (GPP 44)


Copywriting, in any sense of the word, is something that most business owners need to be good at. Whether you’re writing website copy, PR copy, or Facebook ad copy, copywriting is an integral part of every business. Our guest today is an award-winning writer who has massive experience and skills in writing copy for clients that add personality and flair while improving their conversion rate and driving sales. Jamie Jensen is the founder of Your Hot Copy, a spicy copywriting company with a team of writers specializing in developing full website copy. She gets down and dirty with me on the show, talking numbers, movies, Hollywood, and more!