Chase Reeves: “This Shit Is Hard” (GPP 40)


Today I am ecstatic to interview Chase Reeves, co-owner of the Fizzle show! Since I began podcasting, I’ve always known that I wanted to get inside Chase’s head; talk to him about his goals, dreams, aspirations, and accomplishments. My dream finally came true today! I speak with Chase about the Fizzle podcast show, his views about business and feeling successful in this crazy business world, as well as ask him some very intimate, personal questions about life as a business leader.

Tanya Geisler: Your Starring Role and In-Person Coaching (GPP 39)



Imposter syndrome, imposter complex – whatever you want to call it, it affects thousands of successful business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives each and every day. I first heard the term “imposter complex” after listening to another podcast interviewing Tanya Geisler, leadership coach and my guest on the show today! I was blown away with the realization that I wasn’t alone in these feelings, tons of other successful entrepreneurs are experiencing it, and that there is actually a term for it! Today, I talk with Tanya about the imposter complex, what it is, and how it can be both good and bad for our businesses.

How Shenee Howard’s “Failure” Was Actually a Huge Turning Point (GPP38)

Shenee Howard interview

Brand strategy and brand copy is incredibly important for our businesses. Our brand image, design, logo, as well as the copy we produce can often send subliminal messages to our readers, clients, and potential customers about who we are, what we do, and why they should work with us. In today’s episode, I talk with Brand Copy Strategist Shenee Howard about her view points on brand copy, style, strategy, and chemistry. Shenee, in my opinion, has become famous for her awesome email newsletters and GIFs. She also gets incredibly intimate with me about her business – from what drove her to become a successful entrepreneur to setbacks and doubts she has had over the course of her career as well as a few future aspirations she is looking to dive into!

Corbett Barr: Audience or Product First? (GPP 37)



If you’ve listened to the show for any length of time, you know by now that I am a huge fan of Fizzle. Fizzle has literally helped me develop and grow my business from its inception. On today’s show, I had the opportunity to interview the CEO of Fizzle, Corbett Barr. Although I’ve heard his story about how Fizzle was developed several times before, I still had a few questions that I wanted to be answered. Listen as he shares his story, lessons that he has learned from a previously failing business, and how he used those experiences to make Fizzle the fabulous online community that it is today.

Jessica Kupferman and I Argue About Her Next Steps (GPP 36)



Today on the show, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite people in the podcast world, and the person who inspired me to begin the Get Paid Podcast: Jessica Kupferman. Jessica is the host of the Lady Business Radio podcast and co-hosts the She Podcasts shows with Elsie Escobar – a show dedicated to helping women podcasters learn more about podcasting. Jessica allowed me to drill her on various aspects of the She Podcasts show, including questions about what the ladies are doing to rake in the dough for the show. I even had the opportunity to go from student to teacher and give Jessica my advice on what she could be doing to grow She Podcasts, and what I think she should stop spinning her wheels on.