Megan Flatt: Selling a Planner and Coaching Mama CEOs (GPP 45)



Running a business while juggling the crazy, hectic schedules that come along with motherhood can be a challenge – to put it mildly. From rushing kids to soccer practice to rushing to launch a product or service on time, we all often feel stressed, overwhelmed, or simply aren’t sure how to do certain things we want to do to scale our businesses. Megan Flatt is a business strategist who works almost exclusively with female entrepreneurs – or more specifically, mom entrepreneurs. She joins me on the show today to share some of her personal experiences with being a Mama CEO, how she helps other mompreneurs, and some of the challenges she has faced head on while launching a new product.

Jamie Jensen on Her $160K Copywriting Year and $80K Expenses (GPP 44)


Copywriting, in any sense of the word, is something that most business owners need to be good at. Whether you’re writing website copy, PR copy, or Facebook ad copy, copywriting is an integral part of every business. Our guest today is an award-winning writer who has massive experience and skills in writing copy for clients that add personality and flair while improving their conversion rate and driving sales. Jamie Jensen is the founder of Your Hot Copy, a spicy copywriting company with a team of writers specializing in developing full website copy. She gets down and dirty with me on the show, talking numbers, movies, Hollywood, and more!

Russ Ruffino: $200K Per Month With a Marketing System (GPP 43)



If you are a coach, consultant, thought-leader, or service provider and are wondering how you can ramp up your business over the next six months, then you are in for a treat today. Our high-earning guest today is Russ Ruffino, a business coach who teaches other coaches, consultants, and service providers how to “create the right clients at the right, premium price – anytime.” He shares a wealth of information with me on today’s episode, including his internal system and method for growing a successful coaching business that consistently generates a 6-figure income on a monthly basis as well as how you can tap into his proven method and see similar results.

Denise Duffield-Thomas: $1M in Annual Revenue, Money Blocks and All (GPP 42)


Welcome back to the Get Paid Podcast! I am super excited about today’s guest, founder of Lucky Bitch, and author of the Get Rich, Lucky Bitch book, Denise Duffield-Thomas. Over the last few years, I have become a huge fan of Denise’s, and I am incredibly excited that she has agreed to be on the show today. On this episode, she answers some of my toughest questions, including how much she gets paid, what she does to get paid, and why she continues to host certain events even when they aren’t particularly profitable. She gets completely transparent with me on the show and shares her tips, insight, and favorite motivational quotes with you to help you advance your business to the next level and learn what it takes to run a million-dollar business.

Smashing Liz DiAlto’s Revenue Records with a Completely New Spin (GPP 41)

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This week I interview one of the most inspirational women in the entrepreneurial world, Liz DiAlto. You know, it is always music to my ears when a guest on the show says “I’m an open book” and is willing to answer some of the most challenging, personal questions that I try to ask. Liz is one of those “open book” kind of people and in this episode, I ask those questions that I am sometimes too shy to ask others – how she gets paid, how much money she makes, and what service is her top-earner.

Liz also shares a lot of valuable tips that can be incorporated into your business as well as fun facts about herself, her life before business, and why she feels her business and life intertwine so seamlessly that working doesn’t really feel like “working” to her.